I am just like WHO now??


It’s still Getting To Know You Week, so I thought it might be fun to do the ‘fictional character personality test’ Endalia and Bhagpuss have already done with interesting results. Man, I so hope I’ll get a high match with Dale Cooper like Bhag did!

I’ll just do the complete version of the test – should take long enough to answer 121 questions – and except for the top match I’ll only refer to characters from shows and movies that I know well, with a match of at least 60%.

Let’s gooo!


Top match at 76%: Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)

I like the movie but never watched the show, so…yeah, no idea. How’s she like, folks? She’s great, isn’t she? Please tell me she’s great!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


So, Odo, eh? The funny thing is, we’ve just started to watch DS9 from the beginning, so the first half of season one is fresh in my mind. I remembered Odo as a very likeable and respectable character from watching the show many years ago, though at the beginning he’s mainly grumpy and sometimes downright hostile (not just towards Quark either). I really hope the personality this test refers to is based upon that which I remember, not that first impression we get of him.

Other than that my only complaint is that Garak’s so low on the list. Not that I really identify with him, but hey, it’s Garak. One of the coolest characters in any show ever in my opinion.

Game of Thrones


Brienne of Tarth as the highest match and no one else comes even close? I can very much live with that. As with Garak I would have liked to see Tyrion higher on that list of course (he’s at 233 with 59%), but at least there are no blonde Lannisters to be seen anywhere. Phew, dodged that bullet.

Marvel Cinematic Universe


I omitted a few this time – there’s just too many of ’em – and I’m also starting to see a trend here. The characters I tend to like the most all appear only around the 60% mark, in this instance Tony Stark. Like the others I mentioned he’s smart and funny, but also kind of a dickhead. I guess I should probably be glad that I don’t match higher with my favourites… Anyway, Carol Danvers is very cool, so I’m not complaining.

The Big Bang Theory


I’m fine with Shamy up there, obviously. What I don’t quite get is Bernadette’s appearance this high on the list. That woman frightens me! Seriously, I hope I’m nothing like her.

Star Wars


Not bad. Who wouldn’t want a high match with our favourite snarky princess? I hope this is Sir Alec Guiness’ Obi-Wan though, not Ewan McGregor’s.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Yes! Unlike Bhagpuss I wanted to see Giles on top here, and I got him. Buffy and Willow are fine too of course. Angel’s matched just low enough for comfort.



Uh…70% match with a mass-murderer, and again a likeable dickhead at 60%. I think I should stop now.

Yes. No! Maybe…I don’t know. Can you repeat the question?

Well, this was quite fun. I got to say though that the survey isn’t easy to answer for non-native speakers, and I’m pretty sure the outcome would have been at least a bit different had I been able to do it in German. Seriously, even with a dictionary’s help I have no idea what ‘debased’ and ‘pure’ are supposed to mean in this context. I just let the slider sit at 50% in these cases (about eight or so). There were others where I knew which direction to pull the slider in, but since I still wasn’t completely sure about the choices’ exact meanings I didn’t go all the way to the left or right. I assume that’s why I don’t have any matches above 76%.

Oh, and now I almost forgot to resolve this: I’ve got a 68% match with Dale Cooper, neat! Aside from him I remember so little about Twin Peaks that it would have been pointless to list more characters though.

Anyway, if you’re a movie- and TV series-fan I highly recommend doing the survey for yourself. There’s many more franchises in there, like Friends, Harry Potter, The Office, LOST, Sherlock (got a 67% match with the high-functioning sociopath, huh), etc. Should be something there for everyone.

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7 Replies to “I am just like WHO now??”

  1. Addendum: I should’ve inspected the list’s bottom earlier. Can be just as interesting/pleasing as the top, no?

    My lowest match, at position 540, is Ziggy Sobotka (The Wire) at 36%.
    I’m VERY pleased with that result indeed!


  2. Oh, good point. I didn’t think to look at who I was least like either.

    I only had a couple of questions where I really couldn’t see an answer and I also left the slider in the middle for those. You’re English seems pretty much perfect to me so I would suspect the ones you had trouble with are the ones that seem odd to me, too. I wonder if having more answers towards the neutral center leads to a higher number of matches at the same percentages? That’s to say, if you give bland answers to do you get bland results?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Bhagpuss – Thank you!

      Yeah, I assume that the more neutral answers you choose the more everything inches closer together.
      All 540 characters range between 36% and 76% for me while you, Endalia and also some folks in her comments have much higher top matches at least. I suspect their and your lowest matches were also somewhat lower than mine.


  3. Samantha Carter is a great match — and also; you should 100% watch the show! I imagine you would like it. 🙂

    The spin-off SG: Atlantis… Well; it had it’s moments in both directions. I’m mixed on whether or not to recommend that. It started with a series that ran in parallel to events of SG-1 around season…7… or so? Worth looking up if you decide to jump in and find yourself liking it. 🙂

    I found this exercise quite interesting too, I regret covering so few of the properties in detail now in retrospect. I’m pretty sure I’d intended to cover Buffy for instance, and then didn’t! I guess at the time thought it was getting a wee bit long.

    Liked by 1 person

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