I’m doing it again! I need help…or do I?

First of all, our vacation was very nice and relaxing, so sorry but not really for the long pause since my last post.

Anyway, on to today’s topic. What is it, exactly, that I’m doing again? Having brand new content for my current main games at my disposal and not actually playing any of it, that’s what.

Warframe’s latest expansion, Heart of Deimos, launched just over a month ago. It includes a new open world zone (albeit a smaller one compared to the first two), so in theory it’s right up my alley and I’ve been looking forward to it quite a lot, and yet I haven’t returned there since I finished the few story quests that came with it. Then there’s ArcheAge’s Garden of the Gods update, which was released in fricking June, and I haven’t so much as gone near that new region either.

Looking back upon my history with MMOs I’ve realized that I’ve almost always done this.

For example, when Everquest II’s Rise of Kunark expansion launched in November 2007 I continued to do whatever I was doing at the time for another month or so, despite my main already being at the previous level cap and ready for the new content. This ultimately led to a mad scramble on my part trying to catch up with my guildmates later on, which turned out to be quite stressful.

It’s definitely not a conscious decision I make every time, it just kinda happens. But why? How come I always put off playing new content for a while before finally plunging in?

For one, I’m an extreme creature of habit. Being in familiar surroundings and doing familiar things just makes me feel comfortable. On the other hand however, given how much I like to explore and go on adventures, this surely can’t be the main, let alone only reason.

Another, more important one is that I always dread the redundancy of old content, old gear etc. that often comes alongside the release of new MMO expansions. You made me work for that stuff and learn the zones inside and out, and now you expect me to throw it all away and move on like it all never happened? I really don’t like it, and I think by not leaping at new content right away I’m kind of trying to delay the inevitable in such cases.

Then there’s the question of whether the new content is actually any good. I mean, it might be crap, right? If I just don’t go and see I’ll never know and consequently not be disappointed. It’s silly, I know, because even if it turns out to be crap I can still just go back to the old stuff. Regardless, I think this is also something that plays into this on an unconscious level.

Of course there are other, more rational and tangible reasons for not playing new content right away too.

Bugs and design flaws, for one. Using Warframe as an example, every largish update is followed by at least half a dozen hotfixes over the course of two weeks or so. It’s usually not exactly unplayable without those, but I’ve found the overall experience to improve by waiting for a bit.

Apparently a great many players aren’t fazed by any of the above at all, and as soon as new content for their favourite game is released it’s swarmed by the hungry masses. Some might like that buzz, but personally I’ve never been terribly fond of having to stand in line for quest mobs to spawn and stuff like that, so keeping some distance by waiting until the bulk of the playerbase has moved on suits me just fine.

Last but not least, having new content still ahead of me means always having something to look forward to. Once I get bored of the things I’m doing now I can still go ahead and check the new stuff out, whereas, had I rushed to the new hotness right away, I would only have “old stuff” to return to whenever that gets dull.

And there you have it. By itself each of the reasons I stated might hardly be worth mentioning or even somewhat silly, but when I add it all up I don’t actually see any reason to forcibly alter my habits when it comes to newly released content for the games I play.

So I guess I don’t need help after all, but thanks for asking anyway.

6 Replies to “I’m doing it again! I need help…or do I?”

  1. FWIW, I’ve still not finished the 5.3 MSQ in FFXIV yet. Nor have I done more in Warframe than log in to advance the daily counter since Xaku released, so I’ve not even done the Heart of Deimos story stuff yet, I have no idea what this Helminth power change I’ve seen mentioned is about, or anything like that.

    OTOH, my Hunter in LotRO is level 65 now and I’m questing through Mirkwood…. 😉

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    1. I haven’t unlocked the Helminth either yet, but it’s actually pretty cool stuff. You can sacrifice a built frame to extract one of its abilities, and then replace one ability of another frame with it.

      You can’t choose freely which one to extract though, it’s predetermined. There are some strong ones on offer though.

      I’ve never played LOTRO. The music and band stuff would most likely be a great fit for me, but everything else about the game doesn’t really pick my interest…

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  2. I haven’t even made a Railjack yet, let alone worried about the Helminth system.

    I logged in long enough to farm up Inaros Prime and Titania Prime via relics, then took an extended break. Eventually, I might get around to squeezing out a bit more Nightwave. Eventually.

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    1. @ Jeromai – I built a Railjack but never use it. I just don’t like the gameplay much, even after the adjustments.

      The current Nightwave season is my favourite up to now though. The little puzzle chapters are pretty nice, I’m curious for the reveal at the end.

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  3. Well FWIW, I finished the Deimos quest. I’m not up to the faction level I need to unlock Helminth, but should get there this weekend. Looked up some Helminth combos that sound fun, so… should be interesting.

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