The condemned live longer indeed


When Lakisa told me not long ago that she would very much like to play a scenario-mission or two in The Secret World sometime I had to remind her of the sad fact that this outstanding game doesn’t exist anymore as we knew it – at least officially, that is.

Granted, I’d never heard anything about the servers having actually been shut down, but since Funcom launched – excuse me, frankensteined Secret World Legends into existence in 2017 the game’s launcher unsolicitedly patches itself to that version, and the old servers can’t be feeling too well after three years of (presumed) neglect either, can they?

I wasn’t sure whether there’s actually still a way to play the original game, is what I’m saying.

However a bit of googling revealed, much to our delight, that the servers are still up and running indeed. I used my old DVDs to install the game files, prevented the launcher from patching itself to SWL following these easy instructions and soon the old, familiar log-in screen welcomed me.

Anxiously I logged in and found my character just where I’d left him, standing on Agartha’s main platform, which triggered all kinds of nostalgia right away.


What’s remarkable – or at least surprising – about this picture? Exactly, that I’m not the only one on it.

Now, before anyone gets their hopes up, there’s obviously not a huge amount of players around. Compared to, say, seven years ago Agartha’s pretty much a ghost town. But whenever I log in I see anywhere between two and six other players there, and that’s about two to six more than I’d expected.

I’ve even been whispered to from players who were looking to fill up their respective group or raid twice already. Had I not been in the middle of a scenario-mission both times (what can I say, I really like doing those) I would have gladly obliged, and we added each other to our friends-lists for another time.


There’s also a Discord channel for those who still play the game to group up more easily or just chat. As of yet Lakisa and I haven’t actually done any group content with others, but we will for sure.

As for the game itself, it looks and feels just the way I remembered it, as if no time had passed at all. It absolutely is in maintenance mode though. The last patch dates back to December 13th 2016, and there won’t be holiday, anniversary or any other events happening. Which means no world bosses to fight either. That’s a shame, however there probably wouldn’t be enough players to bring those down anyway.

Not quite as many folks around anymore, no Sir

Other than that all the content is still there waiting to be played, and in my opinion that’s a hell of a lot, despite any claims to the contrary. More importantly, the quality of said content is off the charts in many respects, and although I’ve done it all before I’m enjoying myself immensely.

I can’t even decide what I love the most: the setting and atmosphere, the quest design, the great storytelling and voice acting, the music, or the extremely flexible and borderline addictive skill- and gear-systems.

I guess I’ll just have to rave about all of them, which is exactly what I intend to do.

3 Replies to “The condemned live longer indeed”

  1. I picked up TSW at a friend’s suggestion, in spite of never having liked horror-themed anything. I fell in love with it (and still avoid horror genre anything otherwise) and played it almost exclusively for several years. I’d already stopped playing it by the time TSWL came out though, and I’ve not been back since the change. I can’t really say that I miss it either. I enjoyed my time playing it, most certainly, but as they say: “All good things …”

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    1. I missed it quite a lot actually, but I tried SWL – once, for about half an hour – and found at least half of what I’d loved about the game so much either changed beyond recognition or missing, so that would’ve never been an adequate substitute.

      The original though…yeah, still awesome. 🙂

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