I built a gun out of scrap and fish entrails


I know it sounds weird, but that’s exactly what I did in Warframe, and I’ll definitely do it again. MacGyver’s got nothing on me!

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

My first impression of the game’s crafting was that it’s basically non-existent. Sure, you collect blueprints and resources for weapon- and warframe-parts all the time, but once you have everything you need you just go to your ship’s foundry, click the thing and wait until it’s finished. The crafting process itself doesn’t require any thought or effort, and you can’t influence the outcome in any way either. That’s not really what I’d call crafting.

Since many aspects of the game aren’t very intuitive or self-explanatory I’ve read and watched a lot of guides over time though, and one type of weapon that’s being recommended over and over is Kitguns. These are a special kind of secondary weapon that have to be assembled from different parts, with each part adding its own set of properties to the end product. By mixing and matching those components you can build a gun that fits your personal playstyle like a glove. They’re also said to be quite strong to boot.

Despite this sounding really good I still hadn’t gotten around to work towards getting one until recently though. I’d had just too many other things on my plate.

When pkudude99 of Nomadic Gamers reminded me of his great post about kitguns in one of his comments, which I’d read before but promptly forgotten afterwards (I think I didn’t even play the game yet at the time), I finally buckled up and looked into the process of building one.

Looks more like a tool Tim Taylor patched together

A finished kitgun is an assembly of three parts: chamber, grip and loader.

The chamber is pretty much the gun’s primary component as it determines the base damage type(s) and, even more importantly, the kind of stuff it shoots. Want the weapon to fire a continuous energy beam? Can do. A ball of energy that explodes in an AoE? Also possible. Auto-fire hitscan? No problem.

A kitgun’s grip determines the amount of damage it deals and also its rate of fire. Of course those two stats behave inversely proportional for balancing reasons, so you’ve got to decide whether you like slow-firing, hard-hitting guns or vice versa (or something in between). If you’ve chosen one of the energy-type chambers the grip also has an impact on the gun’s range.

Last but not least the loader lets you choose magazine size and reload speed as well as crit- and status-chance, again with each pair behaving inversely proportional.

I’ve always been what FPS-experts would probably call a spray and pray-kind of guy, so I knew from the start that what I wanted was, coincidentally, exactly what pkudude99 also prefers: a very fast-firing hitscan weapon with lots of crit chance so it procs Arcane Velocity often and fires even faster.

Unfortunately pretty much everything you can do in Fortuna – just like Cetus on Earth – is gated behind a faction rep grind. To be able to buy the blueprints of choice I needed to do some legwork first.

Luckily for me there are open world activities on offer that I like and which are even more effective for raising your faction standing than running missions: mining and fishing.

Gimme those shinies – the mining-minigame is quite relaxing

Of course mined gems and ore are needed for crafting too, but you can also exchange them for faction standing. So I spent quite some time in the caves of Orb Vallis, which ain’t so bad as they’re a far cry from the dark, dank places you probably imagine when you generally think of caves.

Looks more like a Spa, maybe I should stay and charge admission fees

Fish, just like gems, can be sold to increase your standing. Alternatively you can dismantle them for scrap and other parts – fish in the Orb Vallis are actually machines, called servofish – some of which are indeed required to build kitgun components.

I assume servofish entrails aren’t quite as disgusting, so that’s a plus

At this point I got sidetracked for a bit, as I got the idea to dedicate one of my orbiter’s aquariums solely to servofish and to only have one of each species in there.

Definitely more interesting to look at than Picard’s lionfish

By then I had risen the ranks enough to buy two of the three blueprints I wanted. For my optimal loader there’s still some more work to do, but I figured what the hell, I’ll just go for the second best and build that fricking gun now.

I hope I won’t hold it upside down or something

What can I say, it’s every bit as great as advertised. The default rate of fire isn’t quite as high as I’d expected, but as soon as Arcane Velocity procs the stream of projectiles rivals even that of a minigun. When fired in controlled bursts it’s also pretty accurate even at a distance, and now that it’s ranked up and modded properly it shreds enemies in a heartbeat.

As soon as I’m allowed to buy the better loader I’ll go ahead and build the perfect version of this kitgun, and maybe I’ll also try a variant that shoots those exploding energy balls. The possibilities are endless.

Oh, and now that I’ve acquired a taste for do-it-yourself weapons I’ll probably look into those Zaws I’ve heard so much about…

Now THAT’S an assortment to my liking

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5 Replies to “I built a gun out of scrap and fish entrails”

  1. Yup, Zaws are also great. For quite a while they were far and away the best melee weapons. They’re still incredible, but with the 3.0 changes some others are good enough to challenge the zaw’s old dominance.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying your kitgun! Just wait until you’ve got it gilded, potato’d, and forma’d…. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is my mod setup.

        Quite typical for any secondary, except that I’m using a riven. If you don’t have a riven, increased fire rate, increased damage, or even more multishot is pretty standard for that slot, or a 90% elemental. Viral/heat is the current meta, so throwing a heat elemental would probably be a great idea if I weren’t somewhat locked into my riven.

        My riven does +damage and +critical damage (so with 95% crit chance it’s really putting out the hurt), with a penalty to impact damage, but since the Gibber grip doesn’t have impact, it’s actually no penalty at all. Works really well.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Corrosive was the overall best damage type before, as it never had a penalty vs any enemy, plus had the armor-stripping thing. With the recent “mainline re-balance,” corrosive now has to stack a bunch of times to get to a capped 80% armor strip now (subject to the status proc falling off), where before you could permanently strip 100% pretty easily. I’m not sure if the damage penalties/bonuses have been changed, but since Viral’s been massively increased in damage and still attacks health directly it’s now considered to be better. I’ve heard some of the Warframe partners mentioning in their vids that heat has some sort of armor-stripping now also, but I can’t seem to find anything written down to confirm it.

      Either way, Viral is now “the new hotness” and viral/heat is supposedly the best damage combo, if you can get it.

      Liked by 1 person

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