Do you feel lucky, Tenno?


This badass-looking gal is Mesa Prime, my very first self-farmed and -built Prime frame.

Yep, I’m indeed back to Warframe. The release of ArcheAge Unchained in October pulled me away for a while, but a couple weeks ago I started to feel the urge for more action and a faster pace in my gaming diet again, so here we are.

I’m still playing ArcheAge though, as well as EVE Online. It seems like I’ve finally given up on finding The One Game to devote every bit of my gaming time to for long stretches, and I’m slowly starting to realize that that’s actually a good thing. I don’t miss out on quite so many great games that way, it keeps things fresh and prevents burning out on any one game (which happened to me more than once in the past).

I think I actually was relatively close to burning out on Warframe before I took that break, mainly because I’d hit a brick wall of difficulty that I seemingly couldn’t get past. Yet in the relatively short time I’ve been playing again I’ve progressed so much in so many ways that it’s kind of hard to fathom what kept me from doing so before.

Kill Lephantis (aka WhatAnUglySonOfAMother): check!

Maybe the hiatus has helped me get a fresh perspective on things, because I changed my approach to play the game in two ways without really thinking about it.

One, I’m way less reluctant to spend my resources. For example, there are so many different mods in Warframe that you can’t possibly rank them all up to the maximum right away, so you have to prioritize. Whenever I have difficulties to make such a decision I often choose not to decide at all because I’m afraid I might regret it later. Hence I was playing with sub-par mods while having about 25k Endo lying around unused for quite a while, which obviously held me back power-wise. I’ve now spent a good chunk of that and things look vastly different.

Finally build an Archwing launcher: check!

Two, I use co-op matchmaking more often.

The first time I played with a group last year was a quite surreal experience. Those other players seemed to be playing a wholly different game than me. They were moving so fast and all mobs dropped dead instantly, before I even knew what was going on the UI informed me that the mission was done and three other players were already waiting for me at the extraction point. What the heck?

I very much like to play at my own pace, and I certainly don’t like the feeling of being carried, so I chose to play mainly solo from then on. Save for some exceptions the game’s much easier with a group though, and now that I’ve amped up my gear and have some more experience I can group up without feeling like the proverbial fifth wheel anymore. Well, sometimes anyway.

Build a drydock and start reconstructing an old Railjack: check!

Which brings me back to Mesa Prime. Not long ago getting my hands on any kind of Prime equipment through normal gameplay seemed very unrealistic to me. The necessary blueprints for a Prime item – usually three for its sub-components and one for the finished thing – have to be farmed via the relic system, meaning that you have to repeatedly run relatively high level missions for at least one or two of them.

Not only is this much easier with a group, you can even choose between your own relic’s reward and that of any one of your teammates at the end of the mission, which drastically increases the chances of getting something good.

So after I’d run a bunch of those with the group finder’s help I took stock of my spoils and noticed that I already had three out of four blueprints for Mesa Prime. Of course I immediately consulted the game’s excellent wiki about from which relic to get the last one and concentrated my efforts on that. I ran out of the relic in question without getting the blueprint, but fortunately a couple of runs later another random team member used that same relic and hit the jackpot.

It’s always those damn Argon crystals that are missing…

So I built the components, then the frame itself. I even coughed up some platinum to cut down the last step’s 72 hours-long waiting period because I couldn’t wait to try her out. And try her out I did.

Her gunslinger-like looks aren’t deceiving as she’s all about shooting at stuff with pistols, and she’s faster than her own shadow indeed.

Her passive increases her fire rate while dual-wielding two pistols or her reload speed when using a single one. Her active abilities all fit the theme one way or another as well.


Ability 1 sounds good for killing especially tanky monsters or bosses. In practice I don’t feel it’s necessary though, and I’d rather spend my energy for the other three.

2 and 3 are both really great, and I try to have them running at all times. A permanent damage boost and near-invincibility against ranged attacks? I’ll take it! To accommodate for that I have modded her for as much additional ability duration as I can. (Shooting Gallery’s description doesn’t actually say that the damage boost also applies to myself, but the wiki and several guides insist that it does)

As with most frames ability number 4 is basically her ‘ultimate’, and boy does it feel like one. When you activate Peacemaker she holsters all other weapons, pulls out her Regulator Prime pistols and basically becomes a stationary gun turret. It looks a bit like McCree’s Deadeye (an Overwatch hero’s ultimate), but instead of firing only one bullet at each target you can hold down the left mouse button and spew an endless stream of lead.

It’s basically Equilibrium’s gun kata on steroids

No need to reload, no need to cool off, she just keeps on shooting as long as there’s stuff to hit and her energy doesn’t run out. She mows down everything in sight in no time though, so I never ran into that problem until now.

Although she uses her Regulator pistols only in conjunction with Peacemaker they are a distinct weapon that can (and should) be modded independently, which is where some of my excess Endo went.

Now I need to use some Forma on them for additional capacity

She’s really fun to play and also quite strong. When I feel dishing out lots of damage at range would be beneficial for a specific mission I know which frame I’ll choose from now on.

So that’s where I’m at right now. There’s so much to do in Warframe and so many different ways to play, it’s astounding. I’ll take my time and just enjoy the ride though.

That being said, we’ll have a week and a half off starting next Monday and would have made a trip to Iceland, had COVID-19 not drastically changed our (and everyone else’s) plans. So I see a lot of additional time for playing games on the horizon.

Always look on the bright side of life, right?

7 Replies to “Do you feel lucky, Tenno?”

  1. Well darn, wish I’d been on last night. I would have gladly run relics with you to help get your Mesa Prime.

    She is fun. Something a lot of people do is go for max power strength to make her 4 do max damage, but IMO that’s not necessary — it does so much damage to anything in the typical range of mobs that turning overkill in to overkill +40% is just silly.

    I actually put a bunch of range on her. Shooting Gallery disarms opponents, so not only does the shield make her survive what hits she does take, but nearly everything around her also gets disarmed and just stands there waiting to die….

    Works a lot better than just trying to use the 4 on everything, IMO. I pretty much just keep 2 and 3 up 100% of the time and use my kitgun. I use 4 occasionally as it’s a great AE killer for if I’m getting overwhelmed, and as you noted — 1 is pretty pointless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I also use 4 rather sparingly, although I don’t have a very good secondary yet.

      Right now I’m using Dex Furis which I just got two weeks ago, but I really need to work on my Solaris United standing for one of those kitguns I’ve been hearing so much about. 🙂


      1. TBH, I got most of my standing by mining gems. About an hour of mining in a couple of the larger caves got me enough gems to get me to the daily standing cap for about 4-5 days. so it went quickly.

        But yeah… I have a kitgun, and I need nothing else. All other secondaries pale in comparison. Only downside is that it doesn’t have AE so one can get overwhelmed by a horde of enemies, though that’s rare. And why you have abilities or an AE primary, or a melee….. lol.

        FWIW, my favorite combo is:


        But obviously you’ll want to experiment for whatever feels best to you, once you start getting enough standing to do so.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Of the non-kitguns, the “best” ones are generally considered to be:

        Atomos (it’s a short-range flamethrower that does auto-targeted hits hits around your target, so it clears lots of mobs out in a single shot)
        Staticor (massive damage with a 3m splash range from the hit. Can charge the shots, but most people just click as fast as possible to put more shots downrange)

        Early on, I really enjoyed the Stubba. Akstiletto Prime was considered “best” for a time, and it’s not gotten worse, just other things got buffed past it. Lex Prime is also considered to be excellent.

        There are a few other niche ones like the Pox that are considered good depending on the mission you’re wanting to run, but … for the most part, people tend to use primaries over secondaries anyway, so there isn’t really that much focus on secondaries anyway.

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  2. FWIW, this is my preferred build for Mesa — that 25m radius range on disarm is simply yummy.

    The Arcane Velocity gives a big bonus to pistol shot speed on crit, and my kitgun has 95% crit, so… it’s pretty much always in effect. Works wonders. 😀


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