Driving, fishing and shooting in ArcheAge

A couple of weeks ago our Gamigo overlords decided to start giving out some gifts in ArcheAge Unchained on a regular basis. I don’t know if that’s a sign of reclining MAU-numbers or something, but I’ll take it regardless.

Things started off with a different kind of labor potion, claimable daily, and a 15-day trial version of the Redwood Roadster, a pretty expensive to build steampunk-style car, claimable once per account.

A Ferrari it ain’t, but it sure beats riding an oversized owl…

The car’s nifty, I’ll give it that. It definitely comes in handy when you have only a single trade pack to carry because it’s a hell of a lot faster than the poor donkey. It can even carry two more in the trunk to boot. I don’t think I’ll go for building one now that the trial version has expired though, it’s just too expensive for what it offers.

The second round of gifts has daily loot drop rate potions and a 15-day Predator Longliner in store for us, a really great fishing boat. You can still get it until the 27th.

I didn’t want to let this opportunity go unused, so I suggested to gather the family, claim the ships and try ourselves at high-sea fishing.

“A trip by sea, what fun it can be”, as a German song once said

Unfortunately things didn’t start off too well. We’d just delivered a bunch of cargo packs to Austera and I was like, well, let’s set sail right here and look for a fishing spot. Poor choice, that.

We’d just stored the first few fish in the tank when a red galleon came into sight, bearing right at us blazingly fast. There was just enough time to swap out my fishing rod for real weapons, then the galleon crashed into our boat with full force, hurtling us off its deck. We took quite a lot of damage from the collision too and were scattered all over the place, so our chances of fighting those pirates off were next to zero, even if they hadn’t outnumbered and outgeared us. We managed to take one of them down with us, but soon we were all standing at the nearest respawn, our fish lost and my boat heavily damaged. I will say this though, despite us basically getting ganked it was still a rather cool experience. Seeing that galleon coming at us like that was pretty epic.

Anyway, we don’t give up that easily, so we did what we should have done from the start: we ported home and set sail due south-west, pretty much as far away from Haranya as possible. This was when the fun – and profit – began.

Cast yer rods, landlubbers, those fishies ain’t gonna catch themselves

We found a far-off fishing spot, used the chum salmon Lakisa’d made and went to work. Sometimes a fish would bug out and just swim away, but the four of us still managed to fill up the ship’s fish tank pretty quickly, as there’s only room for five small or medium sized fish in there.

Additionally the boat sports two crane hooks for gargantuan specimen

We made the trip to the nearest turn-in point and sold the fish for a nice sum of gold, then made our way back to the still active spot.

Once it was expired we moved on to the next, and so on. We had some big laughs too, for example when we caught our first gargantuan pufferfish…

How I was able to climb a ladder with THAT on my back I have no idea

After our second trip with no other player in sight we got bolder. Once the first boat was full we spawned a second and filled that up as well before returning and selling our haul.

On our way back once more, both boats fully loaded

The gold kept piling up and we were giggling every time a haul yielded even more than the previous ones. We were still at it when the sun set.


In the end we’d earned so much that the initial setback was paid for many, many times over and was all but forgotten.

We did a second session a couple of days later as a group of three, as Tristron wasn’t available, which was just as lucrative. This time around a handful of other fishermen were also out and about, all fellow Nuians, which made the spots a little more crowded, but also a lot safer.

We’ll most definitely do a couple more runs before the boats expire, and there have already been talks about if/when we’re going to build our own, permanent ones. I for one am all for it.

I really like these time-limited gifts as they give players an opportunity to try out those expensive toys in a realistic environment and thus help them decide which one, if any, they want to aim for.

Now, what to do with all that gold we earned? For me it wasn’t really a question as I was right in the middle of getting my bow to the next grade. I’d finally succeeded in awakening it to tier four about a week ago – after seven failed attempts, dang it – and was now eager to get it to legendary grade.

No way in hell would I’ve gotten this far with the old system

This gave another substantial boost to my damage output, which, considering that archers in this game are pretty much glass cannons, is by far my most important stat. So, yay!

On the flip side, it looks a bit…umm…girly now…?

Don’t run, this is just a fancy looking bunch of flowers. No, seriously!

I guess I’ll have to go for mythic grade sooner rather than later…

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