Nothing lasts forever in New Eden

I’ve been pretty busy in EVE Online since I’ve joined Blank Space and thus rejoined NCDot.

Due to PanFam’s running campaign against Dead Coalition there are fleets going up around the clock. As far as I can tell our goal here is to wipe DARKNESS and Co – still referred to as GotG most of the time – off the map for good. Old grudges and all that. Look, politics in EVE are complicated.

Right now they aren’t resisting much, if at all. We’re clearing Tenal off their structures pretty much uncontested, and they reportedly also abandoned Branch already.

One of our Muninn-fleets advancing on enemy space

Fortunately Goon-led Imperium wanted to get in on the action and deployed to the north about two weeks ago, so in addition to shooting defenseless structures real fights are also happening.

One of those occurred when we attacked a Dead Coalition infrastructure hub (iHub) in Deklein the other day. To no one’s surprise we took a few Titan bridges to get there faster. This Ragnarok was waiting inside a good old POS for us.

The swarm of tiny specks approaching the Titan is our fleet

I wouldn’t have thought to ever see a POS again, what with CCP planning to take them out of the game for years now. But there it was, its shields protecting the Titan from any harm. Oh yeah, and also bumping out the Pandemic Legion guys whom to tell the POS-password no one had bothered. Some things just never change.

After that we arrived in Deklein without further incidents, and the “toasting”, i.e. capturing of command nodes in order to destroy the iHub, began. Some of the region’s actual owners did show up, but for the most part defending forces were composed of Imperium pilots. Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) were also present, to my surprise fighting on our side. I never seem to be able to track when they’re allied with Goons, and when they’re fighting them. Like I said, EVE politics are complicated.

Anyway, for quite a while the fight was looking good for us and node after node was captured. A TEST Apostle was dropped by a trio of Dreads and killed, but we destroyed all three of them in return, tilting that exchange heavily in our favour too.

A Revelation’s remains floating in space, some fires still burning

We were almost finished with our task when a squadron of Imperium stealth bombers hit our fleet with a very well executed bombing run. Within a couple of seconds we lost over twenty Muninns and half a dozen logis. Ouch! Of course Muninns, like all heavy assault cruisers, are able to heavily boost their resistances for a short while at the touch of a button, but the “Bombs!! Bombs!!”-warning in voicechat came a wee bit late and not everyone, myself unfortunately included, noticed the bombs in time. Welp.

Most of the bombers died in return, nevertheless this one really good move of theirs tilted the battle report nicely in their favour ISK-wise. Still, we destroyed the iHub, so our tactical objective was accomplished. After that our fleet went home the long way. Lakisa and I, having both lost our ships, had the luxury to just self-destruct our pods and wake up in our home station instantly. One should enjoy the little things, right?

On second thought, maybe “enjoy” isn’t quite the right word for it

On the next day yet another first awaited me, as well as the reason for this post’s header. A ping for a structure shoot went out, and since I had some time left before I had to leave for work I figured I’d tag along. The FC called for Feroxes, and once everything was sorted we left with a fleet just shy of 80 people. A small fleet by our standards, but not bad for around 14:00 EVE-time on a weekday.

No one came to defend the structure anyway, which turned out to be a faction Fortizar on its final timer. Which, to be honest, made me a bit sad.

Faction Fortizars came into being when CCP converted all old, player-built outposts into citadels in 2018. The ramifications of that conversion were manifold, but for me personally the biggest consequence by far was that these outposts lost their state of eternal existence due to it.

The old outposts, once built, were immovable and indestructible. They could change hands – voluntarily or by force – but they wouldn’t go away. I was around when those outposts were still a huge undertaking to build and thus pretty rare, a long time ago, and I also contributed to some of them being paid for and deployed in a couple of ways, so I always had somewhat of a soft spot for them.

For the most part the faction Fortizars even look like the outposts they once were, and the four different types wear the names players gave the first outpost of the corresponding type ever built. The administrative fortizar, for example, is called ‘Marginis’ after the first such outpost, constructed by the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate in 2005. I used to live in that outpost for months!

Fortunately this one was a ‘Draccous’ manufacturing Fortizar, which doesn’t have quite as big of a nostalgia factor for me. Still, seeing it blow up hammered home the fact that, indeed, nothing lasts forever in New Eden.

Another remnant of EVE’s past…gone

I really need to pay KDF-GY a visit and see whether the OG ‘Marginis’ Fortizar is still there one of these days…

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