EVE Online – Out of nullsec, back to nullsec


When Holy Cookie joined Northern Coalition and moved to nullsec in May of last year we all knew what we were getting ourselves into – or so I thought.

Despite having talked about life in a nullsec-alliance extensively before the move, quite a few corp members were less than thrilled about the goings-on within our new organisation rather soon. Some people left the corp, others remained on paper but mostly minded their own business when online.

Just over three months in, corp leadership realized that something had to be done and a voice-meeting was scheduled to talk things over.

Attendance was quite good, most of the remaining active players were there. We discussed our options for like two hours, the conclusion being that the majority wanted to stay in NCDot while also trying to do more stuff as a corp again. Sounded like a plan.

About two weeks later a message from our CEO suddenly informed us that we were going to leave the alliance, with cyno chains for getting our assets out of nullsec going up pretty much immediately. Our clear, almost unanimous vote to the contrary during our meeting wasn’t even mentioned. We also weren’t allowed to talk to anyone outside of our corp about it.

Lakisa and I were flabbergasted. We didn’t want to leave NCDot, and with a bit more time to think things through we’d probably tried to seek refuge in one of the alliance’s other corps right away. With the clock ticking and no means to get our stuff back to empire space on our own – not least thanks to CCPs godawful changes to cynos mere days before – we jumped on the train and moved along back to our old stomping grounds in Black Rise.

The move itself wasn’t great either, what with the short notice and timeframes mainly dictated by gatecamps in certain systems being or not being active, and by the time we’d arrived in Kehjari I was seriously pissed off at our leadership about the whole thing. Corp members tried to help each other out as much as possible, and I believe everyone got all their stuff out eventually, but it was a shitty experience and I absolutely wasn’t in the mood to carry on as if we’d never left lowsec at all.

So I just didn’t log in anymore. I canceled my second account’s sub – “Cyno changes suck, chaos era sucks!” were the reasons I gave CCP in their why-are-you-leaving-us questionnaire in hopes someone actually reads that stuff – and left my main running only to train some more skills for the time being.

Lakisa wasn’t as mad as I was, but she didn’t want to be a lowsec pirate anymore either, so she reached out to one of the nice folks we met at EVE Berlin who happens to be a director in Blank Space, a corp belonging to NCDot. She was accepted to their ranks right away, moved back to nullsec and has had a lot of fun since.

Of course she repeatedly tried to talk me into joining Black Space too, and she had a lot of goods things to say about the corp and its members. So two weeks ago I finally decided that I’d had long enough of a break and applied for membership, which was accepted last week. Yay!

I said my goodbyes to the Cookies, some of whom I’ll definitely miss, and made my way into the cold emptiness of nullsec again. Fortunately one of our old corpmates agreed to buy all assets I had left in Kehjari, including my carrier, saving me the hassle to schlep that stuff along. Thanks mate! A travel-fit interceptor and a padded wallet was all I took with me. After all I knew from experience that I’d be able to buy everything I’d need at our current staging.

The timing couldn’t have been better because just two days later I got onto my very first Keepstar killmail. Unfortunately its owners didn’t show up to defend – they’d already retreated to Branch by that point and are falling back even more as I type this – so it wasn’t much of a fight, more like a test of our TiDi-management skills. Still, a first for me.

I killed this Keepstar! Along with over two thousand other pilots, that is

There’s much going on at the moment, pretty much all the time, and it’s great.

Last Friday held not one, but another two firsts for me. In preparation for an op to hunt ratters and miners in the heart of Goon-space I made my way to Thera – the capital system of wormhole space, if you will – by myself, which marked the first time that I had to scan for wormhole entrances without help. Not that it’s really hard, but it takes a bit getting used to.

Following that the op itself yielded a supercarrier kill, which was my first too.

A Hel, going down from concentrated bomber and Dreadnought fire

Unfortunately two of the Dreads we dropped in order to kill our target quickly enough had to stay on the field and die, but that still was a good tradeoff for us.

After that seemingly every ratter and miner in all of Delve docked up to be safe from us, so there weren’t any more kills to be had. Considering how much ISK and minerals they would have generated, had they been in space instead of hiding during our presence, even that has to count as a win for our side though.

Even more stuff has happened since then, but I’ll save that for another time. Suffice it to say, being back in nullsec rocks and I couldn’t be happier to have taken that step. Also, last week’s events prove that EVE is a game that, even after more than 14 years, can still offer me new experiences. Can’t ask for any more than that, really.

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