Where parcours is par for the course

Warframe players learn very early on that their Tenno can move in ways most other games’ characters cannot. Whichever frame you use, double jumping, barrel rolling and running alongside walls are all part of your standard repertoire.

Also sliding, let’s not forget about sliding. It’s what the cool kids do

So I guess it’s no surprise that the folks at Digital Extremes have devised some missions that focus more on movement than fighting. I just wouldn’t have expected them to be quite as…extreme.

After you’ve completed a certain quest-chain a weekly mission that has you hunt for an Ayatan relic becomes available to you. Those are the sculptures I talked about towards the end of this post. So in addition to finding them randomly during missions I can get a guaranteed copy once per week? Hell yeah!

Well, guaranteed if I can beat the mission that is.

The first time around I made the ‘mistake’ to play through the mission in my normal explore everything and grab anything you find kind of way. During normal missions this suits me well because it ensures that I always have crafting mats in abundance, and it’s also the most fun to me. This takes considerably longer than rushing through of course, but if you complete the mission all those extra rewards make it worth it. Again, if.

Once you arrive at the first waypoint the real fun begins. Depending on which mission you got the parcours part starts by stepping onto a pressure plate on the ground or just by passing a certain point in the room (I think). Then two things happen in rapid succession. One: a door opens for a couple of seconds. If you don’t go through in time you don’t go at all and the missions ends right then and there. This is what happened to me on my first try. Two: as soon as you pass that door a timer starts running. Usually a very short timer. The longest I’ve seen as of yet was one minute. Fail to reach the parcour’s end before time runs out and…well, you already know the answer.

The next couple of tries didn’t end well either. When you rush straight to the parcour and ignore everything else it doesn’t take long, but wouldn’t you know it, you get a different one each time, so I couldn’t even figure out how to get through by trial and error all that well. So I looked for some help.

Looks pretty easy when he does it, right? Well, it’s not, at least not for me. But knowing which way to go was enough to finally make it on the, oh, I don’t know, 12th try or so?

Yes, yes I have. Not thanks to you by the way!

You still have to make it to the extraction point from there, but that’s a cakewalk in comparison.

That was yesterday. Luckily weeklies reset on Monday morning, so I could jump right in again today. Knowing what to expect always makes things easier, but I still needed seven or eight tries.

I’m doing all the work here, that loudmouth Maroo won’t see a piece of you

It may not sound like it, but I really like these missions. They’re challenging, but in a good way. They also make me hone my movement skills, and, needless to say, I really love that the rewards are housing items. Well, you can also sell them for a pretty nice sum of Endo, but I won’t, at least not before I have completed the collection.

I also inserted some of those Ayatan Stars you find all the time into the sculptures’ sockets, which animates them and also adds some lighting.

The third one of these I found in another regular mission yesterday

Can’t wait to get my hands on more of them.

Now I’ve got to go and pack my stuff though – my real stuff this time – as we’re going on vacation tomorrow morning. We’ll only very sporadically have internet-access, so there won’t be any new posts and I probably won’t reply to any comments until August 31st.

Not only will I be immensely rested and relaxed by then, two brand-new frames will also be waiting for me, so I already have something to look forward to. I always like that as it makes vacation coming to an end less disappointing.

More about how I farmed those parts in the next issue of Wondrous Warframe

Until then have a great time everyone. I look forward to reading up on all the good stuff I’ll have missed.

3 Replies to “Where parcours is par for the course”

  1. Have a great holiday!

    And yes — learning these missions was a PAIN. I don’t know that I could hit them first try myself if I were to come back now.

    It’s probably worth noting though that once you successfully complete the parkour part of the mission you can generally go back for a more leisurely exploration of the rest of the mission space.

    And in fact, some areas only open up after you have successfully completed it.

    Other parts may have more secret triggers and conditions to open up. 🙂

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