I believe I can fly


Alright, nobody move! I got an Archwing here, and I’m not afraid to use it.

I unsurprisingly played some more Warframe yesterday and managed to unlock my Archwing, which is essentially a pair of jet-propelled wings. A big-ass cannon with unlimited ammo and a huge, anime-style sword come as part of the package.


While doing the quest chain’s final mission you get to a point where you need to extract ASAP because the ship you’re on is about to come apart (or something), so your annoying yet helpful AI deploys the now finished but yet untested Archwing for you, and boom, suddenly you’re flying.

Ludicrous speed…GO!!!

The world opening up like that was a seriously awesome moment. Of course I went pedal to the metal right away and fired the afterburner. Boy, that thing gives a satisfying boost to an already pretty high speed. Of course just going in a straight line would be boring though, but as you can see the mission got that covered too. Lots of ships, rocks and debris were floating around, and I had to maneuver my way through. It almost felt like Kirk’s and Khan’s thrill ride in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I really dig that movie. Sue me.

Anyway, of course it didn’t take long for enemies to get onto the scene, so I got to try out the Archwing’s weaponry.

The cannon spews an intimidating stream of bullets, and it seemingly neither overheats nor runs out of ammo. Mowing down waves of drones feels a bit like a three-dimensional shooting gallery. The sword packs a punch, but I mostly tried not to let the baddies get that close at all, so I didn’t use it much.

It’s fun, but unfortunately it starts to feel somewhat repetitive rather quickly. Ground missions just have more gameplay variety. You fight, you collect stuff, you sneak, you negotiate barriers and obstacle courses. The Archwing missions I’ve done – admittedly not a lot yet – were just like fly here, shoot stuff, now fly there, shoot more stuff, done. It’s somewhat comparable to SWTOR’s space combat, though not quite as simplistic because you move freely instead of on rails here.

Does look a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

I hope there’ll be some more missions that transition between ground and space combat like the one that unlocked the Archwing, because I liked that change of pace and perspective within a single mission quite a lot.

What I’m looking forward to the most though is getting to use my wings in the open world zones. Yep, that’s a thing, but first I have to reach a higher mastery rank and craft another piece of equipment, the Archwing Launcher.

That should make doing missions there much easier for me. I’ve found out by now that low level missions actually exist on the Plains of Eidolon, but since you often run into high level enemies while traversing the zone they are still pretty hard to do. Being able to fly to the mission site will hopefully enable me to avoid most such encounters. Also, seeing those beautiful zones from high above will most definitely be a sight to behold.


I still discover something new in Warframe every day, and good stuff just keeps coming. Pretty impressive.

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