Wondrous Warframe


So I basically took the weekend off to play Warframe. Ok, not the whole weekend because I had to work on Saturday, but apart from that I played a heck of a lot. Turns out Jeromai’s enigmatic comment to my last post was spot on: the game has sunk its hooks into me and is holding fast.

Leveling up myself, my frame, the weapons, mods and whatnot is extremely addicting, as is finding crafting mats and various other stuff.

What matters most is the gameplay of course, and I really like it a lot. The mix of shooting and melee feels just right, and movement in general is a joy. I can’t wait to try out other, more nimble frames, but I’m already more agile than a chimpanzee on crack as it is.

Walk like a Ninja, Chapter 4: How to slackline like a boss

Speaking of other frames, I’ve tried to do some research as to which ones might suit my playstyle. What I’ve found out is that there’s a whole lot of them, and there doesn’t seem to be a ‘best’ one no matter the playstyle either. At most there’s a ‘best for the situation at hand’. So I’ll just stick with my Excalibur for the time being.

I have found a blueprint for one component needed to build a Rhino frame though, and since I had all materials lying around I started to build it preemptively. Maybe I’ll try to find out where I can get the rest and finish it; why not use a tank-like frame for a change?

A new weapon and my first sentinel companion are also in the works

I have to take back some of the flak I gave the graphics in the beginning. Yes, there are objects and textures that don’t look too fresh here and there, but overall the game looks pretty sweet.

I’m getting serious Terminator 2 vibes around here

The post’s topmost screenshot shows Fortuna, a city on Venus, that I kind of stumbled upon just like I did upon Cetus the other day. I like Fortuna’s look a lot, and the game plays a pretty great video sequence when entering it for the first time. It’s an excerpt of the awesome trailer Azuriel talked about after the corresponding update had gone live last year.

Neon lights and catchy tunes, what’s not to like?

Like Cetus the town leads to an open world area, and just like the Plains of Eidolon this one, called Orb Vallis, also sports enemies that are way too powerful for me as of yet. Therefore I didn’t stay long, but I at least took a little time to take in the beautiful scenery.

How giant mushrooms survive in this cold I have no idea though

I don’t know if Digital Extremes’ plan is to have such a huge, open area on every planet in the long run, but if so, hell yeah!

Of course I was also eager to find out how serious the decorating aspect of my orbiter really is. My account came with a complimentary 50 Platinum, Warframe’s funny money, and the newly introduced shawzin costs 40, so I just bought and placed it.

The decorating interface is actually quite good. You can move objects any way you like, including upwards. Yes, you can make stuff float just like that. Even some very good MMORPG housing systems don’t give that option.

Single objects aside there are also wallpapers and vignettes for sale, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an option to preview them though.

I had assumed that all such items have to be bought from the cash shop, but no, yesterday I picked up a little sculpture during a mission that turned out to be a housing item. A very pleasant surprise indeed, and it isn’t even that little once placed.

Hmm, it looks a bit like a fancy speaker…I need a second one!

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with Warframe. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have things to do…

3 Replies to “Wondrous Warframe”

  1. Warframe has some of my favorite movement in any game. It’s so easy to make it look good slip, sliding, and gliding through levels. I’m just glad there isn’t any penalty for falling off the edge. I’ve done that way too often trying to look like a graceful space ninja!
    Also, I’ve played around 75 hours of Warframe and I had no idea there were decorations.

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  2. @ Kluwes – I fall off the edges all the time too. 🙂

    @ Jeromai – Thanks!
    Yeah, I can already see that there’s quite a lot to learn/know, although I’m still at the very beginning. I can very well imagine staying a noob forever indeed.


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