Let’s go, Tenno!


Downloading Warframe took quite a while – is it just me, or are most game launchers capped at about 2 MB/s download speed? Of the games I play regularly I think Black Desert is the only one that utilizes our full internet speed when patching.

Anyway, I’ve played the game for about three hours now and so far I’m pretty happy with it.

What I’d like to do now is to try and let you experience my first impressions alongside me. As I was still figuring stuff out I unfortunately missed taking some screenshots I’d now like to have, so I had to re-stage some or simply use other ones to make my point here and there.

Let’s fire up Warframe for the first time together, shall we?

Minor spoilers ahead, I guess.

Click to enlarge – but don’t hurt yourself on the janky polygons

Hmm…the game doesn’t really look all that good, does it? I mean, my own character and parts of the environment look quite nice, but there are also some very old looking objects and textures all around. I hadn’t expected Destiny 2 levels of graphical fidelity, but I’m a bit disappointed nonetheless. And, oh my god, look at that Vor guy (the intro chapter’s big baddie), he looks seriously bad, doesn’t he?

Don’t have a pic of him, so here’s some benches straight out of 2002

Ok, now that I’ve turned the mouse sensitivity way down the controls feel pretty slick and responsive. My double jump takes me really high up, and I have other movement tricks up my sleeve too. I can even run alongside walls like the Prince of Persia, cool!


What have we here, the game can look good after all. Great, even! The rain feels very realistic to me. I think I’ll stand here for a minute and just watch and listen to it.

Combat gets even better too. I really like that I have a sword that packs a punch and doesn’t need any ammo. Switching flawlessly between shooting some foes with my assault rifle and slashing others to bits is very satisfying.

The engine does all things water very well, better than BDO even

I don’t know how it’s even possible for a game to look this great and this bad at the same time. I haven’t seen anything like it. Overall the positives clearly outweigh the ugly stuff though. Also – to draw one last comparison to Destiny 2 – the loading times are pleasantly short. Waiting for a full minute or even longer for a mission level to load? Not in this game.

Ah! Now I know what Warframe reminds me of a lot: Hellgate London. Seriously. I played a Blademaster there, and the gameplay loop of running around in third person, hacking and slashing, searching every nook and cranny for loot containers etc. feels very similar. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, I really liked that game.

Ok, this looks much older than I remembered it, and it’s ‘only’ from 2007

Now I’ve access to my “orbiter”, basically a personal starship that takes me where I want to go and a base operations at the same time. I have to repair some of its features before I can use them though. I guess this is still the tutorial.


Here I can change my loadout and install mods into my frame and weapons. The more I level them up, the more or stronger mods they can hold, nice! Also good: the mods aren’t consumed upon using them, so I’m free to tinker around without the fear of maybe regretting it later.

I can also change colours of pretty much everything and don’t even need to buy or find dyes. Ok, technically I can buy more colours, but the selection of free ones is already good.

I…really don’t think something like THAT should be aboard my ship!

Ok, I’ve beaten the snot out of that Vor guy and tutorial’s over. Now I can do…errr…a whole fucking lot, it seems.

Seriously, at least a little hint about what I might want to do next would have been helpful. But this isn’t the first time I’m playing a game like this, so I’ll manage.

Or not. I thought I’m starting a mission, but now I’m in some kind of town. Lots of other players around. Hi folks!

Ok, that guy gave me a quest, now let’s see what lies beyond the city borders. Turns out it’s the Plains of Eidolon I’ve read so much about, the game’s first huge open world zone.


Looks great, but the first hostiles I encounter show me the error of my ways rather quickly. I don’t think I belong here yet. Not that the game has warned me or anything – at least not that I’m aware.

The missions I can start from my orbiter’s navigation console have a level associated with them. I have no idea what level I am at myself though, but I can beat missions around level 10 just fine.

And this is where I’m at now, folks.

Warframe is, at its heart, what the gaming press has come to call a looter shooter in recent years. To me it feels like a mashup of Hellgate London and Destiny 2, and it does a pretty good job at that.

I’m usually no graphics snob, so I don’t know why the mixed-bag visuals bothered me so much in the beginning – and still bother me a little bit.

Other than that I really haven’t found anything that’s not to my liking though, and I’ll definitely continue playing for the time being.

6 Replies to “Let’s go, Tenno!”

  1. I guess I’ve sort of become blind to the mixed visuals, but it makes sense. I think this fist came out to a public alpha or beta type thing back in 2012? Maybe 2013 for public?

    A fair while in any case, and it was at a time when they were still struggling to stay afloat as a studio.

    They are going through and reworking certain areas too, i.e., Jupiter received a massive tileset and visuals overhaul last year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve gotten about as far as I did in four or five sessions. I kind of enjoyed it but looter-shooters really aren’t my thing and I couldn;t get past just how incredibly ugly *all* the character models/suits are. I generally just can’t keep on playing any game in which I actively dislike looking at my own character so that was pretty much a gamebreaker for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting. I quite like the way my character looks (wearing the Excalibur suit at least), very Space Ninja-like.

      The only thing that might bother me in the long run is that I haven’t got a face, but I just imagine I’m wearing a helmet all the time. Maybe I am, I’m not even sure…

      Also, considering how Vor’s face looks…yeah, better not to have one I guess. 🙂


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