Sometimes it’s the little things

Warframe is a game that has been around for quite some time now. I’ve read many good things about it and watched some cool looking gameplay-videos. When I was done with Destiny 2 I contemplated becoming a Tenno – which is what player characters in Warframe are called – but never got around to it for some reason.

They have hoverboards though – what’s not to like?

When I got up this morning I still had anything but Warframe on my mind. Until I read this article over at Massively OP that is. Playable instruments in Warframe, really? And what’s this:

“While you can’t play it yet, there is a decorative version that allows players to place one (or more) in your personal orbiter or clan dojo.”

Players have a personal space that they can even decorate? I had no idea!

I’ve talked about player-made music in MMOs and how much I love it before, and you all know how important player housing of any kind (preferably the good kind, obviously) is to me.

Needless to say, I created a Warframe account and started downloading the client right away.

Now, I do realize that the playable version of the shawzin probably won’t be ingame for quite a while, and also that this ‘personal orbiter’ most definitely doesn’t come even remotely close to housing systems like Everquest II’s.

Still, this is a game that already had a lot of appeal to me before. Now I’ve learned that it also provides one of my favourite features and is going to get another one soon(ish). What more reason do I need or want to give it a shot?

It’s still downloading, but stay tuned for some first impressions tomorrow. Thanks for the hint, MJ!

5 Replies to “Sometimes it’s the little things”

  1. To temper the expectations a bit… Warframe has no training wheels, and throws an INSANE amount of content on the player, quickly. Main starting points:

    – the starting warframes are all decent. Excalibur is the easiest.
    – learn to move quickly through a zone. Except for defense missions, it is rarely worth killing enemies on the way to an objective. (when you get the hang of this, every other shooter feels like molasses)
    – save credits and get a Braton ASAP from the market.
    – damage upgrade on weapons, survival stats on warframes
    – read the wiki to learn where items drop that suit your playstyle

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    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff indeed. I just got my butt handed to me on the Plains of Eidolon…I don’t think I’m supposed to be there at this stage. 🙂

      Strangely enough I think I already have a Braton. An Auto-Rifle, isn’t it? It was one of two main weapons I could choose early on, the other being a bow or something.


      1. You have a Braton MK1 I think. That’s the starter version. You want the real version from the market, BIG difference in output.

        For the plains, right. You’re not supposed to be there. Head out to the stars 🙂

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      2. Yup, Asmiroth has it right. I think Plains is easy to get to inadvertently though because it’s on Earth which is the starter planet via the Cetus node I think it’s called.

        Work toward one of the transfer gates instead (you should be able to select them and see the requirements to unlock), I think it might be the one to Mars the game intends you to do next?

        But yes — getting a ‘real’ non MK1 weapon should absolutely be a top priority. Even if you rank your MK1 version up to lv 30 in the meantime, I would recommend not using any Forma on it at all (if you even happen to come by any in this time).

        I don’t know that the game ever tells you this either — but like Asmiroth was saying about learning to get through a mission quickly, your main tool for this is the spiral jump. Ctrl-Jump to launch in a given direction, even straight up. From there there are a number of things you can do depending on your directional needs. Crouch again for sort of an air dive/dash thing (after which I think you can jump again), or glide with right click which is slower but loses altitude less quickly.

        Sorry a bit imprecise on the info here, the movement becomes muscle-memory after a while so to actually work out that I’m telling you exactly the right keys I’d have to launch it up again myself … although this is tempting me to. xD

        If you haven’t yet seen the New Player Cinematic (it isn’t in game yet, I don’t think) then take a look for some extra space-ninja mojo!


      3. Thanks for all that info guys! I’m having quite a lot of fun so far. I’m actually not sure if I’ll get a first impressions piece ready for today because I’d much rather play some more. 🙂

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