Now THAT’s what we play EVE Online for

An op was posted for 18:45 yesterday. As usual the announcement didn’t specify what we were going to do exactly, only that Ryzak Freemoon would be FCing and that getting a fight was deemed likely – they almost always promise the latter though.

Form up began on time and Ryzak told us that in order to further increase our chances of actually seeing some action we’d leave our shiny Tech II ships at home and go with Feroxes and Ospreys. As we didn’t get many good fights lately in part because the opposition couldn’t match our fleet’s strenght and thus didn’t engage us at all more often than not this seemed like a sensible choice.

Unlike myself Lakisa actually likes to fly logistics, so she quickly bought an Osprey and fittings from the market and joined the logi squad. I had a Ferox ready to go, so I jumped into that.

Fill her up stat, and also wipe the windshield while you’re at it

First we took a couple of south bound jump bridges, then we gathered at a titan waiting to bridge us even further.

I’m still amazed by how small normal ships seem next to those things

On the far side of that bridge Ryzak linked a destination system for a bit of old-school stargate travel. And then, once we got there, another one. Battlecruisers aren’t exactly fast, so our trip all the way down to Scalding Pass took quite a while. When some more minutes passed upon arrival while we waited for things to unfold people started to wonder if we had made a long trip for nothing yet again.

But the fleet warp finally came, we jumped into the target system and warped to our objective, a reinforced Brave Collective jump bridge, to finish it off.

Our fleet and swarms of drones shooting the Ansiblex class jump bridge

At first it looked like the locals would just sit tethered on their citadel and watch. They undocked a couple more carriers, but didn’t actually try anything. We pulled in our drones in anticipation of a bombing run, but other than that we just kept shooting.

Inside the orange glow of a HIC bubble to prevent them from warping on top of us

However, just before before we finished the thing off an Eagle fleet of Brave and friends landed right at the edge of our bubble and the fight began.

The fleets started to trade blows right away. We fired a few more shots at the Ansiblex to destroy it, then killed two Ospreys and focused on their Basilisks next. Meanwhile they killed our Claymore and one Vulture, thus wiping some of our fleet boosters off the field. Not a very good start for us. That our logi wing had some problems with keeping their capacitor chain up and running for some reason didn’t help matters.

We then managed to turn the tide somewhat though. We killed six Basilisks and a Scimitar within two minutes. They managed to destroy ten Feroxes during that time, but that was an acceptable tradeoff since they were now running pretty low on logi while we still had a lot of DPS left.

Alas, at that point a TEST Muninn fleet appeared on grid, and we knew full well that it wasn’t us they came to support. Now we had to GTFO, as it were, if any one of us was to survive.

Burning out of the bubbles while praying that the capacitor won’t run dry early

Despite all odds quite a lot of us managed to get out, and Ryzak warped us off. But some, myself included, didn’t have enough cap left to make the full warp distance, so we didn’t land with him and the others, but in the middle of nowhere where we were safe for the moment, but couldn’t help our comrades either.

I could hear on Mumble that there was already fighting going on again, so I bookmarked my current position – you never know when you might need such a safespot – and warped to Ryzak. Big mistake!

While I was already in warp he gave command to our booshers to use their micro jump fields and move our fleet out of harm’s way, so I knew that I’d be nowhere near them once I came out of warp. Sure enough, when I landed I was right at the edge of a bubble and the nearest ships were all hostile.

Panic!! As soon as I could control my ship again I immediately aligned away from the bubble, kicked my microwarpdrive into full gear and started looking for something to warp to roughly in the direction I was going. I can’t tell you how extremely lucky I was to spot an asteroid belt almost right in front of me, what with space being infinitely vast and all that. I selected it and hit the warp button as hard as I could. Meanwhile quite a few enemy ships were blinking yellow on my overview, which means that they had me locked but didn’t shoot yet. I was still too far away for them to use their tackling modules on me, but that was only a matter of seconds now.

And then I was in warp. The blinking stopped and I zipped off grid. Holy crap, that was close. I wasn’t safe yet though. They’d surely seen where I warped to and might give chase, so I initiated warp to my safespot – told you it would come in handy – as soon as I landed. Shortly after the rest of our fleet gathered at a safespot too, so I warped to Ryzak and was finally with my mates again moments later.

At a safespot, aligned and ready to warp should someone pay us a visit

Our FC wasn’t quite done shooting stuff yet. Apparently TEST had called it quits by then, fully expecting us to cut our losses and run home I assume, so only the Eagle fleet was still hunting us.

Once we knew that the outgate wasn’t bubbled Ryzak warped us there and then had our own dictor bubble it. You see, a bubble that has been activated when you were already in warp can’t catch you, so we just zipped through while anyone chasing us would get stuck and have to slowboat almost 20km in order to use the gate.

And chase us they did. We jumped through right as they landed and started pulling range on the other side, ready to lock and shoot.

Finally they came through, and the carnage began once more. In terms of firepower they had the clear advantage, and they knew it. Their dictors kept chasing after us, making sure we were always bubbled. We killed stuff, but were losing Feroxes fast in the process. At that point Ryzak declared on comms that we’d stay and fight to the end. Hell yeah!

I had my MWD and even hardeners turned off, conserving all remaining cap for my guns

And then, all of a sudden, they warped off. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Turns out a Fraternity Muninn fleet had arrived on grid to save what was left of us. Pretty late to the party, but the funny thing is, who knows if we had gotten a fight at all had they been with us from the beginning. Anyway, thanks guys.

And thus the battle was over and the survivors headed home, Lakisa and myself, quite incredibly, both among them.

We lost about two thirds of our Feroxes, half of our Ospreys and pretty much all tackle and support though. Still, the battle report is slightly in our favor ISK-wise, we achieved our objective by destroying the jump bridge, and, most importantly, we had a hell of a fight. This is what we play EVE for indeed!

2 Replies to “Now THAT’s what we play EVE Online for”

    1. Indeed. I don’t think anyone involved in this was even the slightest bit concerned about who ‘won’ or ‘lost’. Oh, sure, battle reports are always created and boasted with, just like I did, but in the end we all had a bloody good time, and that’s all that matters.


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