Officially not a bad egg anymore

In March last year I talked about how I “achieved” getting to a security status of -10 in EVE Online, the worst you can have. Turns out shooting at people in low sec – a lot – makes other people as well as the NPC empires not like you very much.

Once you’re at -2 or below police ships of the corresponding NPC faction will attack you on sight in certain high sec systems. From -5 downward this applies to all of high sec, additionally other players can attack you anywhere with impunity.

All of that we already knew before we started the life of a pirate. One thing we didn’t know, though, is that the police doesn’t just attack you when you go near them – say, at a stargate, where a bunch of them always keeps watch – they also actively hunt you down wherever you go in their space. We learned that the hard way when I had the glorious idea to run Abyssal sites in high sec despite our sec status.

Oopsie, my bad

When we joined NC Dot last May, Lakisa and I acquired a bunch of clone soldier tags to buy ourselves amnesty from CONCORD, EVE’s almighty uber-space-police. In null sec your sec status doesn’t matter, but unlike pirate corps, who just never enter high sec with anything but a very fast ship or their pod, null alliances take any shortcut they can get when moving around, especially when flying slow ships. We’ve been in that situation a couple of times since then, so it was the wise thing to do indeed.

Of course we only spent just as much as necessary to get to above -2. It gets more expensive the higher you want to go, and this was enough to move freely anywhere in New Eden again.

Where does this gate lead? Doesn’t matter, I’ll take it. Because I can!

There’s a catch of course. Sometimes we shoot stuff in low sec too, so if you stay in the negative there’s always the danger of hitting -2 again.

Fortunately all that blasting NPCs to bits I talked about yesterday isn’t only lucrative, it also has a very positive effect on your sec status. You’re getting rid of pirates – or in my case rogue drones – for the greater good of the galaxy after all.

A couple of hours was all it took…

Finally one of the good guys again

And thus the last trace of my pirating days has pretty much vanished from the history books. Whether you look me up ingame or on the killboard, as long as you don’t bother to examine closely whom I killed and where you’ll never know that I was a bad egg once.


Some good deeds don’t rectify a lot of bad ones? In EVE they obviously do.

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