From pillar to post in Black Desert Online

BDO has a stunning array of stuff to do on offer, and I’ve done a little bit of everything during the last couple of weeks. Well, not everything, there’s still a lot I haven’t even dipped my toes into. So let’s say I’ve done a little bit of quite some things.

Since the world is huge and there’s no quick travel in the traditional sense I’ve traveled many, many miles on foot, on horseback and by boat due to that. I don’t mind the distances at all though, as a matter of fact they make the world feel much more real to me.

So what did I do then?

As I had so much fun setting sail last time I decided to explore the game’s offshore locales some more. There’s a whole archipelago out there, and some of the islands are huge.

While others…aren’t

One of the larger islands seems to serve as a pirate haven. I’ll be sure to pay them a visit sometime, maybe there’s loot to…err…commandeer.

I’ve also started to mass-harvest corals for the Epheria Frigate whenever my energy pool is near maximum. I’m still amazed by how gorgeous the sea looks under the surface.


While I was hacking away with my little hoe the other day I suddenly spotted something big out of the corner of my eye…

For a sense of scale, I’m at least 30 yards away

These whales can actually be hunted by players. Luckily there wasn’t a hunting party in sight, so I guess this one got away in peace.

Another material I need for the frigate is titanium ore. Research revealed that there are some worker nodes for it in the far north of Valencia. I’d not yet been there, so I prepared for a longer trip through and beyond the desert. Just a mile or two north of Valencia City the landscape changed dramatically though, and I suddenly found myself in an area dominated by pitch black rock. As it turned out I had reached the foot of a giant volcano. It’s not too steep to climb it, so I made my way up. Soon enough I looked down into its crater.

Gaze into the abyss and it gazes back into you…or not

The worker node is right in the middle of the crater. How the node managing NPC got there and why he doesn’t get the hell out will remain his secret I guess.

While I was in Valencia I also advanced the main quest a bit, which asked me to investigate the caves below Valencia Castle.

If my castle sat on top of this I’d be a bit worried

When I climbed down the hole under that little dome-structure I was in for quite a surprise.

I half expected to find a Predator fighting some Aliens down here

When even the black spirit freaked out and urged me to get out of there I didn’t need to be asked twice. I’m still investigating the matter, but as usual got sidetracked by other stuff.

For example, I finally got around to manufacture some silver embroidered clothes. These are various outfits with bonuses to one of the game’s life skills. To upgrade them to higher levels two copies have to be combined, the good result being one gaining a level and the other vanishing, while the bad result destroys both. As you can imagine I had to craft a considerable amount to reach my goal of getting them to at least +2 each. I kept at it though, and it went even better than I had anticipated.

Top to bottom: gathering, processing, cooking, farming, sailing, horse training

I had a really good run with the horse training outfits, hence I even got one to +3. I also made a second +2 gathering piece so the Striker could have one too, which is convenient because he’s the one doing the sailing and coral-gathering.

Lastly I kicked my horse breeding into a higher gear. I had spent a good while capturing as many tier five horses as I could find, now it was time to train them to level 30 for the best possible chance at higher tiers when mating them. The tool of choice for that job is a merchant wagon.


This way you can train four horses at the same time, and they don’t even need any carrots because…reasons. The wagon lasts for quite a while and isn’t too expensive, so I just buy a new one from the marketplace when it’s used up.

The first few breeding attempts netted me a couple tier sixes and one tier seven. Not bad I guess. I’ll continue to train tier five horses for a while, then mate the resulting tier sixes with each other until I have a couple at seven. Those, in the end, should bear at least one tier eight I hope.

All that gathering, cooking (mainly beer for my workers), farming, training and processing also had quite an impact on my Witch’s life skill levels.


The high processing skill in particular will come in very handy once I start to, well, process the intermediate materials needed for the frigate because a higher skill means more production output with the same amount of raw materials.

What I still haven’t done is to try and upgrade my gear any further. The game gifted me a Dandelion awakening weapon on new year’s day, so I really should pull myself together and get on it. I’ve got Thursday and Friday off, maybe I’ll get cracking then.



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