Always Online – I still don’t like it!

Call me conservative, but I’m very much against forcing gamers to always be online, even when they’re just trying to play a single player game. A couple weeks ago my dislike of that practice was reinforced once again.

From Saturday morning to Monday afternoon our internet connection pretty much crapped out. It wasn’t actually dead, but a download speed of 0.07 MBit/s doesn’t let you do a whole lot nowadays. It took over 20 minutes just to initiate that speedtest on our provider’s support page.

At first I thought ‘what a lucky coincidence that I ordered the retail version of Vampyr on Thursday’, my weekend-gaming seemingly saved. When it arrived I was in for a rude awakening though. As it turned out the PC version of Vampyr is ‘Steam only’, which I unfortunately had not researched about beforehand.

After a bit of fiddling around and googling I at least managed to install the client from DVD (why that option is not made more accessible is beyond me), but Steam still wouldn’t let me play the game without patching it to the latest version first.

Long story short, I wasn’t able to play this (or any other contemporary) game until Monday evening.

Of course there are other things one can (and occasionally should) do in their free time, but that’s not the point here.

My point is that I, a paying customer, can’t play games I have bought with my hard earned money whenever I want, internet connection or no, even if said games don’t have any online functionality whatsoever.

Piracy is a problem that has to be tackled somehow, I get that. But: I’m not part of that problem! I always buy the games I play. And I’m sick of being the one having to suffer from crappy copy protection methods over and over again.


I really liked this one…



3 Replies to “Always Online – I still don’t like it!”

  1. I had a friend gift me that game through Steam, and was able to play it offline. I didn’t know about the patches until after I came back online, but then again I have a lot of my games via steam, and was able to play them while offline. Sorry this happened to you.

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    1. I have to admit that it’s very possible I don’t fully understand how to handle Steam correctly. I use it hardly ever, pretty much only if I absolutely have to. If there was an option to play the game unpatched and offline I at least didn’t find it.
      Thanks for the hint though, should the need arise I’ll make sure to check that out.

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      1. You can go into the steam app itself , and set it to go offline to be able to play it offline. I think it’s mostly to let friends know when you’re playing, or if you have a game there that has coop, it’s easy to go there.

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