Returning to old neighborhoods

My most beloved Everquest II expansions have always been Echoes of Faydwer and Rise of Kunark. Especially the latter, not least because it’s the one expansion I played from beginning to end of it’s cycle without a break, and also the only one where I have experienced pretty much 100% of the available content.

From leveling my Warlock mostly by solo-questing through four gigantic zones to dungeon delving with guild- as well as pickup-groups to raiding all five tiers of the expansion’s raid timeline culminating in the coveted Trakanon kill, I’ve done it all.

Among my numerous highlights were the tradeskill epic quest I’ve already mentioned a couple of times, and also the epic weapon quest. This questline alone can occupy the average player for weeks for it consists of a first part which can be done solo to some extent while needing a group for the harder steps, and a second part that revolves around killing raid bosses of all tiers to upgrade the weapon to it’s (at the time) godly powerful Mythical version.

It is so special that a serverwide message announces the big moment when someone gets theirs, like I did in 2008.

The message (at the top) says “Norrath is still for a moment as Vorphalak of [the guild] <Vivere militare est> takes possession of the mythical Death’s Grip”
This was my EQII heyday, and I remember that time very fondly.

Hence I was pretty excited to see that our characters sat at adventure level 69 when we left in 2011, because that’s the perfect level to dive into Rise of Kunark content.

Lakisa and I finally had some time to play together the other day, so we made our way to the docks in Kylong Plains, accepted all quests on offer and started the adventure.

It’s so much fun! This might not be for everybody, but for us the experience of running around from quest objective to quest objective is enhanced greatly by all those little distractions the game deliberately puts in your way. Shinies, pages, harvestables, named mobs, discoveries, the odd questgiver in the middle of nowhere, mobs you haven’t yet finished the Lore & Legend quest for. You can easily play a whole evening and not finish a single quest if you’re not careful. And this is great because questing feels much less like working through a list and more like doing whatever you deem fun that way.

EverQuest2 2018-08-19 18-49-07-350
Bouncing around Kylong Plains with Karnor’s Castle in the background

Can’t wait to continue our journey.

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