Cologne Falcons win another game

Today was gameday for us. We hosted a friendly against a team from Belgium, the Verviers Mustangs.

We expected a hard fight since they are an experienced team that plays in Belgium’s second division.

It wasn’t easy all right. While my denfense and I kept them at zero points during the first half, we also only managed to score 10 points offensively. The third quarter was totally ours though. We tried some new defense formations which our opponent’s offense couldn’t handle at all and sacked their Quarterback four times. This brought our offense into play time and again, and with good field position too. Towards the end of the game we led with 27:0.

Mere minutes before the final whistle the Mustangs reared up one last time, marched down the field in large chunks and scored a touchdown. We stopped the two point conversion and the score remained 27:6 until the end.

We’re very happy with the game. Our performance wasn’t perfect of course, but now we know what we have to work on until the playoffs begin.

Today’s photos aren’t uploaded yet, so here’s one from another game where one of our Linebackers and I are about to bring down the Troisdorf Jets’ Running Back.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to lie down on the couch for the rest of the day.


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