Grinding the faction grind

I don’t have much time to play this week, but I at least log in my Everquest II Bruiser/Sage every day to do the daily quest and some writs for the NPCs of Bathezid’s Watch in Fens of Nathsar.

EverQuest2 2018-08-17 18-22-11-863
Yes, yes, I’ve done as you asked…again!

These award XP and a bit of coin like all quests do, but you mainly do them to increase your reputation with the Bathezid’s Watch faction. This is a required preparatory step for the tradeskill epic quest, and since it’s all crafting and gathering I don’t feel it’s a burden at all. I’d pretty much do these things anyway.

Still, most people have love/hate relationships with faction grinds, and with good reason.

It can be very annoying when you have your mind set on achieving a certain goal and the game says ‘nah, not yet mate, first you have to do this more or less boring thing every day for a couple weeks’.

Make no mistake, this is of course done solely to keep us shackled to the games longer. The practice has been prevalent in MMO space for a long time, but has also become much more common in mainstream games in recent years. So much so that there’s now a word for it: padding.

Padding isn’t necessarily always bad though. Admittedly EQII did have some of the worst kinds of padding back in the day (hands up if you, too, have camped named mobs in Ruins of Varsoon for five+ hours straight). Yet in regard to faction grinds they somehow always managed to make it more fun than annoying, at least to me.

I guess it always boils down to the vital question: is the gameplay still fun when done for the umpteenth time? If the answer is Yes, be my guest, give me some padding so I always have stuff to do.

If the answer is No, don’t be surprised if I refuse to sit through it and go play something else instead.

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