Spring cleaning and gathering frenzy

Some fellow Blaugustans, Bhagpuss and Shintar among them, recently talked about inventory management in MMOs.

Since I just returned to EQII after a long hiatus it’s become a very relevant topic to me too right now – out of sheer necessity, because my stuff is a total mess.

I’m a relatively tidy person in real life insofar that everything has it’s place. I put my keys, my phone etc. always where they belong. It makes me feel comfortable and, more importantly, I can’t find anything otherwise.

I try to do the same with my belongings in the games I play. As has been pointed out though, it’s just…so…much…stuff…

I always start by sorting pieces that thematically or practically belong together into the same container. Inevitably that container will fill up, so I expand to a second one. I can’t put it right next to the first one because that spot is already occupied by something important, and so on, and so forth. Before I even know it my carefully thought out system is in shambles and I have no idea where anything is anymore.

This is the state I had left things in. It didn’t bother me right away though, I was too busy having fun. Then I decided to do a bit of gathering.

Gathering, too, has always been a fun and relaxing activity for me in EQII. The only gripe I had back in the day was that farming spell rares (or rares in general) could get pretty tedious at times because drop rates were low. They still might be at the currently highest tier, but boy, do they drop now in lower tiers.

I decided to farm tier 8 spell rares and make a quick run around Icebound Pass in Kylong Plains a couple of times before going to bed. The rares started to roll in almost immediately. Sometimes the game hadn’t yet played the sound effect for finding one when I’d already found the next. I was like on crack, I couldn’t stop.

After about 45 minutes it was really getting late though and I forced myself to quit. These were the spoils:


Wow! That’s seven Expert spells for Lakisa’s Inquisitor right there, also four for my Bruiser, and a whole lot extra for sale or crafting furniture. Granted, my Warlock’s wearing the Cloak of the Harvester, the Earring of Solstice, the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl and has skilled every gathering related AA ability there is. He’s chock-full of bonuses, is what I’m saying. Still, this is more than impressive compared to what I’ve been used to.

On the next day the moment came to stow these (as well as all the common and semi-rare stuff I gathered) away. That’s when I discovered the mess everything was in and decided to do something about it.

First I crafted a couple bigger strongboxes with my carpenter and made space for them in the shared bank. Then I logged in all my characters one by one and placed all mats they had except for their respective current tier into those boxes, sorted by tier and rarity. For the first time ever since I started playing EQII I have all tier 1-9 commons and rares (except for all those fruits, vegetables, meat and fish because f*ck those) in one place, neatly stacked and sorted.

Two rows per tier, each type of mat at it’s designated spot

Feels great!

My next venture will be to gather everything that’s missing or in scant stock (< 200) up to tier 10, so I’ll never have to be like ‘damn, where do I get that stuff now?’ again when I accept a low tier tradeskill quest or want to craft something for an alt.

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