It’s happened – back home at last

If you’ve been around gaming forums, reddits and blogs you know this guy: always shows up in the middle of a discussion about game X and instantly starts lecturing everyone why game Y is so much better in every regard.

When I had finished writing my post about why I’ve never played WoW and proofread it one last time it hit me: I am that guy!

Well, not quite. Luckily I don’t have the tendency to chime in when others talk about games that I never played or have played but didn’t like and give my unasked-for opinion. To each their own.

Yet it’s true that I’ve praised Everquest II for it’s content abundance, it’s phenomenal housing, it’s wealth of interesting races and classes, it’s humor and lots of other virtues over and over during the years. Every new MMO I play will invariably be compared to it, and I’ve thought ‘man, why didn’t they just do this the way EQII does it?’ more often than I can count.

Shouldn’t I just shut up and play it already if it’s that great?

Indeed this made me think in earnest about actually returning after almost seven years. My desire to play it again was also reinforced by Bhagpuss’s chronicles of his adventures, which are always fun to read, and others like UltrViolet trying to get into it after a break or for the first time. I don’t have an MMO that makes me really feel at home right now anyway, so I thought why the hell not?

So last Friday evening I finally gave in and installed it. I was a bit tense if I would find my characters and everything to be in order. Seven years are a long time, and the game had to navigate through some stormy waters, what with Sony shuttering Sony Online Entertainment and Daybreak taking over it’s games and everything that followed.

Fortunately all my stuff is still there. My characters’ names are a bit foozled though, no doubt due to server merges happening back when. They’re not indecipherable, as I’ve seen happen in other games after merges, they have just added one or two letters at the end. It’s not intolerable, but I’ll probably pony up for name changes should I stick to the game.

And stick to it I will it seems. That first evening was admittedly a bit rough, it is a complex game, and more than a few things have changed. During the course of Saturday I found my groove again though, and on Sunday I had to literally pull myself from my PC chair in order not to play all day and night.

Expect to see me gush about EQII quite a lot in the forseeable future. At least now I’m actually playing it again instead of only romanticizing the ‘good old times’.

EverQuest2 2018-08-13 13-32-11-952
As Samwise Gamgee once said…I’m back!

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