Now that’s what I call power leveling

I’m still in a bit of a lull in regard to Path of Exile. I always do the forsaken master’s dailies though, because they are done pretty quickly, the mobs are relatively high level and one can never have enough favour to buy hideout decorations with.

The other day Zana’s daily sent me to a map the name of which I wasn’t familiar with: Untainted Paradise. My mission was to kill the map’s boss, no time limit. Nothing fancy.

Once I entered the map and had a look at it’s modifiers I was in for quite a surpsise though.


Turns out it’s a unique map that can only be accessed when Zana gives you this quest. I wasn’t really impressed at first glance. 335% more XP didn’t seem like an adequate trade-off for getting no item drops whatsoever to me.

Once I started to explore my surroundings I quickly changed my mind. Mob density on that map is really high and each pack of monsters is huge. I haven’t seen the XP bar move this fast since the league’s beginning when this character was level 20 or so. I couldn’t help but grin with glee.

I started the run at level 86 with exactly 60% XP. I dinged 87 before I even reached the boss room. In the end the XP bar sat at 7%. Wow!

Zana, can I have that quest every day now pretty please?


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