Blaugust 2018 – here we go!


It’s the first of August, so the blogging extravaganza that is Blaugust Reborn kicks off today.

The last week of July was Blaugust Prep Week, and our illustrious squad of mentors have posted lots of great advice. Thank you guys and girls, it’s much appreciated!  Also a big shoutout to Belghast again for bringing this to life and taking us along for the ride.

After reading all those insightful posts I’ve realized one thing above all: I should have put more thought into giving my blog a good name.

As I’ve said before I started to blog basically just for myself, so it didn’t seem to matter all that much at the time. Now there are actually people who read my writings, and I wish I had chosen more wisely.

I’m still very happy with my alias though. I’ve been using the handle Mailvaltar for a very long time now, and I still feel it represents me well. For context, it was the name of a (long defunct) death metal band in my hometown, who allegedly borrowed it from an evil warlock in some b-list horror movie no one’s ever heard of. If that’s true props to them, because I can’t think of a cooler and more self-ironic way to name a death metal band. In addition to this background I always liked the name’s look and sound, and to many people I’ve played online games with over the years I’ve just been “Mail” on voice chat, which is pretty convenient.

A friend of mine made this for me when I played America’s Army long ago

So I’ll definitely not change that, but I still feel the blog needs a proper name now. After all I don’t like it when a music album has only the band’s name and no name of it’s own either.

The main goal of Blaugust is to post every day for a month (and to have fun reading and writing stuff of course). Finding a fitting name for this blog is my personal secondary goal now.

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