EVE AT XVI – Salt Farmers win their first match


The 16th EVE Online Alliance Tournament finally kicked off yesterday.

Just like last year I will hold back my posts covering our own matches until we either have won the tournament or got eliminated from it by being beaten twice.

The latter will definitely not happen during this first weekend though, because we won our first round match against Unspoken Alliance convincingly 100:0. Yay us! You can watch the match here.

I’ve said that I’d like to earn a nicer looking medal this time around. Well, I had a closer look at theĀ prizes and as it turns out there won’t be character sheet medals at all this year “due to technical restrictions”. There will be inventory item medals for the top three alliances’ participating pilots, that’s it. A bit of a bummer in my opinion, but it can’t be helped.

Anyway, we’re starting to prepare for today’s match, so wish us luck.

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