The end of an era

A couple days ago Captain Cean, the founder and CEO of Holy Cookie and my favourite fleet commander announced that he has decided to quit EVE.

I’ve heard many people say that over the years, myself included. The vast majority keeps coming back sooner or later, myself included.

The thing is, his reasoning seems sound. He has, as he put it, ‘won’ EVE. He has achieved more in this game than he had ever dared to dream of. He founded a very successful and long-lived corporation that grew into an alliance that’s a force to be reckoned with in low sec. He led countless fleets and celebrated many victories. He became the all-time leader in kills with his favourite ship (zKill is a bit broken at the moment, the stats should come back soon™).

So maybe one can, in fact, be finished with this game for good. Time will tell. Personally I’d be very happy to see him returning, that much is certain.

Fortunately he decided to take us out for one last fleet before leaving, and there couldn’t have been a better fit for this final hurrah than his staple: Monday’s public fleet with Command Destroyers and frigates.

Of course many came to pay their respects, and we left Kehjari with 42 in fleet. What a fitting number, too.

As if the whole of low sec knew that they all had to do their part we met our first juicy targets right next door. Neither the Dominix nor the Raven got away.

In Kinakka we caught a lone Pandemic Horde Scorpion. No idea what he was doing all by himself. Again, someone seemed to have batphoned everyone to bring out them battleships and make Cean and friends happy.

In Pavanakka Cean and our scouts managed to take a small gang of assault frigates by surprise in a plex. Three Wolves and an Enyo died quickly, and they obviously all decided to sacrifice their pods to the Cookie gods too.

Shortly after we couldn’t believe our scouts’ intel: a lone Revelation was traveling via stargates, and they had already tackled it in Pynekastoh. Of course we poured into system and started hammering it with everything we had.

Swarms of tiny drones and ships circling a behemoth – David vs Goliath

Obviously a Dreadnaught can withstand our fleet’s DPS for quite a while, possibly indefinitely if fitted with an active tank. When it’s armor fell to about 75% without repping our pulses really began to surge. Maybe, just maybe this might actually happen.

EVE Rev2

Alas, before long our d-scans started to fill with more and more hostiles, a whole bunch of Machariels and Guardians as well as some caps and even supers among them. For a moment I thought Cean might end it then and there in a blaze of glory, but as soon as that fleet arrived on grid he warped us out to safety. Good call too, since our fleet’s value must have ranged somewhere between four and five billion total. Not quite the yolo-fleet you whelp just for kicks.

We were compensated somewhat for not getting that Rev kill a bit later by catching a pretty expensive Orthrus, which even dropped some of the good stuff.

Our very last kill was, quite fittingly, a special snowflake: a Triglavian Vedmak, the first sighting of one on Tranquility for many of us.

After the fleet ended and all non-alliance members had left we stayed ingame and on Teamspeak and chatted for a while. You could sense that nobody really wanted to log off because that would have meant to say goodbye. Cean started to give out a lot of his ships. He gave me a Stabber Fleet Issue.

Held together by faith and duct tape, like all Minmatar ships

I’ve never owned let alone flown one, but my char actually has very good skills for it. When I see an opportunity I’ll fly it in Cean’s honor. He kept his 50-killmark Pontifex though, so there’ll be at least a little incentive to return after all…

We couldn’t sit there all night, so one after one people said their goodbyes, and finally so did I.

Take care mate! We’ll miss you, and should you decide to return to the game someday, maybe with the goal to do something drastically different than before, I’m sure we’ll all follow.


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