More jump field shenanigans

Last Monday’s public fleet was the last hurrah for our Wolf doctrine, at least for now. CCP has reworked Assault Frigates and we will do some testing with different boats during the next couple of weeks.

Hence Captain Cean was more than willing to take us into a big fight should the opportunity arise. Why let all those Wolves gather dust in our hangars when they could die in a blaze of glory instead.

After our Scouts caught a lone Arbitrator and an Algos for our first kills of the evening it looked like our wish would be granted. We spotted a mixed gang of Cruisers, Battlecruisers and even an Armageddon supported by two Guardians near Nennamaila. Unfortunately I didn’t save the D-Scan, but I think they were about 20 pilots. We were pretty sure that they’d be willing to fight us.

Alas, for some reason they were not. Before we could catch them at the gate through which they arrived in our system they warped off to the NPC station and docked up. What the hell? We weren’t willing to give up just yet though. We positioned ourselves right at the station’s exit and waited for anyone to undock and hopefully break their invulnerability before docking up again.

EVE Station Exit
Everyone orbiting Cean and waiting to be booshed off together with our prey.

When someone undocks they are invulnerable as long as they don’t do anything (like lock someone, stop their ship or change direction for example). If they don’t stop they keep flying in a straight line though, until they eventually leave docking range. Which means that they have only so much time to decide what to do. Checking if someone’s still invulnerable is as easy as trying to lock them. If you can lock them, they’re fair game.

Some of their pilots would poke out their head for a moment to check the situation every now and then, but they were smart enough to dock up again while still invulnerable.

That is, until a Cerberus undocked that we hadn’t seen before. He seemingly wasn’t part of that fleet and had no idea that we were there. He obviously didn’t know what to think or expect of our presence, or he just panicked, either way he became lockable. Cean fired his jump field generator right away. Whatever the pilot had done to break his invulnerability couldn’t save him, and he found himself 100km off station surrounded by an angry swarm of frigates and destroyers. As sadly is often the case the loot fairy said no, but a nice kill anyway.

Meanwhile though some pilots of the other fleet seized the opportunity to undock and warp off. In the course of the next 45 minutes we chased them around the neighborhood. We were going to get our fights, whether they wanted or not.

First we caught a Myrmidon and his pretty expensive pod, a Caracal was next, then a Gila and an Oracle. During these events we used our jump fields in ways we hadn’t used them before (at least I hadn’t), sometimes to great effect. Whenever we chase someone who manages to warp away just in time we try to see where he went and warp after him. But did he warp to zero? Or to 100km or something in between? Normally we all warp at different ranges so that hopefully at least some of us land within tackling distance. This time around we all warped to 100km a couple of times, and when we saw that our target had warped to zero we used a jump field to jump us right on top within seconds. Pretty effective.

The Caracal kill was especially cool. When we arrived at the combat site he was in he had already pulled about 150km range from the beacon and still kept burning out full speed ahead. Cean and I aligned to him and fired our jump fields in relay, as we have done numerous times before. Between aligning and spooling up both jump drives this took about 10 seconds total. Which meant that by the time our second jump was finished he had burned another 40 or so kilometers and more or less bumped right into us when we landed. Even he had to laugh about that.

By now we had a good bit of loot in our cargo holds and it was time for a bio break anyway, so we docked up in a freeport Astrahus in Hikkoken.

EVE Lava Planet
Astrahus sitting above a pretty but rather inhospitable planet.

We weren’t satisfied yet though. Next up we caught a VNI, then a Devoter, a Brutix and one of the Guardians (loot fairy still didn’t like us).

Then an EVE University fleet of Catalysts and Griffins crossed our path. I guess we were in total-carnage-mode by then because we didn’t even think twice about taking prisoners. Three Catalysts, two Griffins and a couple pods fell quickly. Sorry guys!

Things quieted down a bit after that, until Spike reported a Daredevil that he might be able to tackle. He was two jumps out from us, but Cean told him to go for it and we gave chase. Our second scout, Waleri, was in between and would arrive ahead of us.

Indeed Spike got him and managed to stay out of webbing range at first. His task was to not let the guy escape until we arrived while staying alive himself. A Stiletto is no match for a Daredevil in a one versus one fight. The Daredevil pilot knew his stuff though, and maneuvered himself into web range after a few moments. Bad news. As feared he killed Spike shortly after, but by then Waleri was almost there, and the rest of us close behind.

He managed to warp off, but made the mistake to warp to a medium site where we could all follow. Finally Waleri hard tackled him and our fleet caught up. With several logis on the field there was no way he could be a threat to us anymore, so we just held him down. We wanted Spike to reship, return to us and get in on the kill. Suitable vengeance.

EVE Tackled Daredevil
Daredevil warp scrambled, webbed, target painted…doomed.

The guy didn’t want to wait that long and initiated self destruction though. Unsportsmanlike conduct, 15 yards penalty! Ahem. Spike didn’t make it back within two minutes. Fortunately he’s still on the kill mail since the Daredevil didn’t leave system after their encounter, so all is good. Finally the loot fairy decided to be on our side for once too, probably to reward our great camaraderie. Almost a hundred million ISK dropped, more than twice the cost of our lost Stiletto.

The evening still wasn’t over. We killed some more small stuff, and, our last kill of the evening, another Brutix. Spike tackled him sitting right at a gate. He hadn’t seen the rest of our fleet, yet decided not to jump to (assumed) safety after Spike aggressed him. Instead he started shooting back. Of course we all jumped through and killed him. A few minutes later a friend of his convoed one of us. He stated that the Brutix had been quite expensive and he deemed it unfair that a bunch of “unskill people” in “crap rifters” killed him. And that we should “repay his ship”.

I’ll leave you with the sound of our reaction to that and a closeup of my Magus and a couple fleet members.

EVE Magus


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