Moon mining Part II

Yesterday we met up again to mine some ore. Since last week I got the Mining Director and Industrial Command Ships skills to level 4 each, so the fleet boosts I applied were a bit stronger this time around. The biggest chunks of training are still to come though,  since learning a skill from level 4 to 5 takes substantially longer than levels 1 through 4 combined.

I made sure to be in the right system at the right citadel in time as I wanted to keep my promise to deliver screenshots of a chunk of moon being blown up.

EVE Athanor charging
The Athanor charging it’s weapon.
EVE Athanor firing
Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational…errr…refinery.

EVE Athanor Explosion 1

EVE Athanor Explosion 2

EVE Athanor Explosion 3

EVE Athanor Explosion 4
Asteroid belt taking shape.

It’s quite a sight. After numerous engine upgrades over the years the game looks pretty great, explosions are no exception. Too bad the game is played with the camera zoomed out very far most of the time. It’s necessary to keep track of everything that’s happening, but it’s a shame nonetheless.

We weren’t as many people as last time, so it took a good bit longer to mine everything of worth. Every now and then someone would join Teamspeak in hopes of some PvP happening. We had some laughs as every ensuing conversation went like this: “Hey guys, what’s happening?” “We’re mining, mate.” “Uhhh…I gotta go.”

We hung in there until the end. I played a bit of Black Desert, read some blogs and prepared this piece on the second monitor while keeping a half eye on the EVE client, changing position when rocks were depleted or watching the scanners when a neutral showed up in local. A low-excitement activity for sure, but also very low-maintenance.

In the end I had mined minerals worth about 150 million ISK. Considering that the Porpoise has but a fraction of a Procurer’s or Retriever’s mining capabilities, especially because I can’t use Tech II mining drones yet, that’s not too shabby in my book.

Even so I look forward to blow stuff up again during tomorrow’s public fleet. In the end it’s all about the pew pew!


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