My next adventure in BDO

When a character hits level 50 in Black Desert, the Black Spirit starts to give out a choice of new daily and weekly quests.

These require to kill a bunch of mobs and reward a Boss Scroll. These scrolls are used to spawn a specific boss mob at a specific location and expire after one week if not used. So to get the maximum out of the daily you have to do it every day, but you don’t have to kill the boss on the same day. You can save some scrolls and kill the boss multiple times back to back later. The bosses give loot every time, though with only a small chance for their specific piece of Boss Loot, which is what you’re after of course.

When my last adventure had me ding level 50 I was eager to take my first shot at these bosses. I accepted one daily and one weekly each out of those on offer and set my course to the one closest to me.

This quest required me to kill 100 mobs, which would be quite a lot in other games. In BDO it’s not that much. Still, most quests don’t ask for triple digits, and I assumed these mobs would prove to be tougher than what I had fought until now.

The mobs in question were called Calpheon Shrine Force, some kind of cultists, who reside at Kzarka Shrine in the Calpheon area. A quite daunting staircase chiseled into the mountainside led up to the shrine.

Black Desert Staircase

Here I fought the first of my targets. They were indeed a bit tougher than what I was used to, and hit quite hard if you let them. So I gave my best to not let them by using grapples and knockdowns generously.

On top of the staircase a path led into the shrine itself. Mob density became higher, and soon I found myself fighting multiple enemies in melee-distance at once while being shot at by some of their ranged buddies at the same time. I had to chug a health potion and/or take cover every now and then, but managed to stay alive.

I came to a large round chamber which looked like it’s used for some sort of unholy summoning ritual. There were lots of cultists there, but those were my lesser concerns. Large tentacles seemed to grow out of the stone ground and writhed wildly about, as if trying to catch anyone careless enough to come close to them. I really did not want to give them that opportunity.


By now my kill counter neared the 100 mark anyway, so I started thinking about a discreet departure. And by that I mean that I chickened out and started running for the exit screaming like a little girl.

Only that I, again, had no freaking idea where exactly I was and which way I had come. I quickly set a course for home, so that my GPS, excuse me, my fantasy world magical pathfinder, would show me the way. That thing tends to get confused in narrow and complex environments pretty quickly though, and after running in a full circle through some corridors looking all alike I was back at the summoning circle and the tentacles of doom. I admit, I panicked a bit at this point.

You see, in terms of Death Penalties BDO has a bit more up it’s sleeve than most of it’s contemporaries. When you die in PvE you lose experience, and there’s a chance that gems you have socketed into your gear are destroyed. There may be more than that, I don’t actually know. I’m sure that it’s nothing really earth shattering, but I’d like to keep the suspense and sense of real danger the fear of dying gives me alive (no pun intended) for as long as possible.

Anyway, I continued to run, just following my nose this time. Somehow I managed to find my way out and suddenly stood on the staircase leading down again. I jumped and stumbled it down more than I ran. As soon as I had reached ground level and was out of range of any mobs I just froze in place and took some deep breaths for a minute.

Then a terrifying thought occurred to me. Would I have to do THIS every day now? I quickly checked if this was the daily or the weekly and let go a sigh of relief when I found it was the latter. I checked in with the Black Spirit and received my very first boss scroll for my efforts. It says it is used to summon Muskan, the Monastery Boss, and that he is recommended for a group of 5 players. I decided to postpone my meeting with this baddie for now, and take a shot at the daily first.

This quest required me to kill 20 giants. Now that I was comfortable with. I had already been in that area and killed lots of those guys for leveling. Very soon I held the scroll to summon Dastard Bheg, the Altar Imp Captain in hand.

When trying to activate it, it unsurprisingly directed me to the Altar Imp area in Serendia. I made my way there, cleared the area of mobs, and activated the scroll again.

Hellooooo beautiful!

Not knowing what exactly awaited me I started to beat the crap out of him. He didn’t seem to mind at all for a while.

Another thing BDO does a little differently than other games is that as long as you don’t have enough Knowledge about a certain type of enemy you are not shown the exact amount of health he has left. The HP bar stays full until the end, just the color changes from yellow at the start, to orange when he’s damaged a bit (probably around 50%) to red when he’s critical.

I gave him all I had, but the bar stayed firmly yellow for quite some time. All the while he violently lashed out with his grappling hook on a chain, costing me about a quarter of my HP whenever he managed to hit me. After a while he started to glow red and lashed out rapidly in all directions, knocking me on my butt with his first hit, making me unable to evade the next few. I kept chugging potions as quickly as the cooldown would allow, yet very nearly died. Then I was back on my feet. Ha! I wouldn’t let him catch me off guard again. I danced around and kept hitting him while staying behind or jumping above him, and soon his HP turned orange. ‘I have you now! ‘ I thought and continued pummeling him. Finally his HP bar turned red and shortly after…

Yeah, go back to…wherever it is you came from!

The loot was nothing to write home about, but it was a lot of fun, and I look forward to beating the snot out of that guy again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try to upgrade my gear a little bit beforehand though…

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