A new home

Last Sunday our alliance held it’s first big Teamspeak-meeting. Other alliances as well as guilds in other games we’ve been in do these much more often, but since we have a pretty relaxed approach to everything there mostly isn’t much to talk about (at least it’s been like that since we joined in May).

This time though there was something to talk about indeed, as our leadership made an unexpected and, for some folks, pretty big announcement: we are going to leave Okkamon behind and move to a new home.

Okkamon was Holy Cookie’s base of operations for a very long time, and for some members it really has become their home in EVE. But since we’re not moving to an entirely different region of New Eden the farewell shouldn’t be all too sad I guess. I assume that when we do our roams we’ll even visit Okkamon fairly regularly.

Still, moving in EVE is always a hassle. The more stuff you have, the more difficult it becomes. Some of us have dozens and dozens of ships in Okka, and probably tons of ammo, cap booster charges and the like. Fortunately, there isn’t only one way to relocate your assets.

Obviously the most straightforward way is to sit in a ship and fly it to your destination. When done in numbers, it’s relatively safe and can even be fun and net some kills. If you own lots and lots of ships though, doing this for all of them would take ages. Hence most of us only do this with the biggest ships, which would take up the most volume in freighters or carriers.

The second way is to use jump freighters. We have some at our disposal (and their owners are nice enough to help their buddies out), and they can move boatloads of stuff with almost 100% safety. The downside is that everything has to be repackaged to be hauled this way, which means that ships lose their rigs and their insurance. This can add up quickly and might be enough reason to not move many ships this way.

The last method is to use combat carriers, which sport a sizable ship maintenance bay to move fully assembled ships. Depending on ship sizes a carrier can transport between two and about twenty combat ships without them losing rigs and insurance.

All in all, for Lakisa and me this move ain’t a big deal. We haven’t been long enough in Okkamon to really feel that much at home already, and as I said, we’re not moving far anyway. As for moving our stuff…admittedly the high frequency of moving around was one of the reasons we quit Mercenary Coalition. The upside is that we’ve become somewhat accustomed to it and know how to do it efficiently. And it’s not like we’re becoming nomads now, this is planned to be a one-time move.

We’ve already flewn our bigger ships in convoys. Some not-yet-assembled ships we’ll contract to our jump freighter pilots. What’s left I’ll stuff into my carrier and jump over when we’ll return from our vacation.

Concerning the feeling-at-home thing: actually our new home is already more of a home to me than Okkamon in one regard: while we had “only” a couple Astrahus class citadels in Okka, we deployed a Fortizar in our new home system, and yesterday we had to fight for it’s successful anchoring.

We had formed an armor gang of close range fit HACs, Battleships and Guardians in advance and were ready to defend. I brought an Astarte with three armor fleet boosts to the mix. The timer was set for about 10 minutes before downtime.

A couple minutes early about a dozen pilots from The Bloc, Templis CALSF and others showed up in a Gila gang with Basilisks and a Vulture for support. They sat at a ping high above the Fortizar at first, but as the vulnerability window opened they warped down to a much nearer spot and opened fire on the structure.

After a bit of positioning we managed to warp to a spot about 60km away from them and started burning towards them. It took a while, but being a good bit faster than them we made up ground. Our Interceptor went in for the tackle from another direction, but unfortunately got chewed up by drones before our Guardians could rep him. Before the fight started for real though, downtime dropped on us and we were all disconnected.

When the server came back up we waited a few seconds more and then logged in simultaneously. Our opponents apparently did the same, so the fight continued right where we left off.

Now we finally closed in on them. I’m not sure why they didn’t warp off before we got into tackling range, they must have known that they couldn’t beat us up close. But they didn’t, so we spread points and started focusing the nearest Basilisk. It fell rather quickly, as did the second. We then switched to the Gilas, and managed to kill three before they finally decided to run. The battle report shows us clearly ahead ISK-wise, and more importantly, our Fortizar went online.

Secure Fortizar. The name’s a placeholder…I hope

If someone wants to kill it now, they need to show up three times total and beat us everytime, and this time the Fortizar itself will be armed, too.

Good luck with that. Our new home is our castle.


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