We be Pirates, arrrr!

About six weeks ago my girlfriend and I joined the EVE Online corporation Holy Cookie, a corp of about 50 fellow germans living in the lowsec region of Black Rise.

This is our second try playing this awesome game together. The first time around, which was Lakisas first time playing EVE ever (Lakisa being her Character’s name, not her real name, obviously), we joined Noir. Academy, a subsidiary of Noir. for new or returning pilots to learn the ropes. Noir. is an old and venerable mercenary corp, now part of the Mercenary Coalition.

It wasn’t actually bad in MC, and the timing was pretty good insofar that we could participate in World War Bee (also dubbed The Casino War) on the side I wanted to fight on (I have nothing against Goons in general, but I oppose The Mittani and everything he stands for). But at the end of the day huge fleet fights aren’t that much fun in our humble opinion, especially if you can’t or aren’t allowed to fly doctrine ships, being forced to meander along in a Vigil or whatnot, providing support no one really needs.

Also, while the jokes about EVE’s infamous learning curve are a bit exaggerated, it is indeed a game that takes a while to master. Being forced to do this in massive fleets, feeling like the proverbial fifth wheel, while listening to FCs and scouts who don’t speak your native language (and sometimes not their own native language either, their English more or less heavily accented), was more often than not just not very fun.

So we took a break from EVE after WWB was over. Yet somehow we still wanted to continue playing this game, and when Lakisa looked over my shoulder one day this March and saw me doing a couple level 4 missions in my Marauder just for fun, she didn’t hesitate long to patch up her client and log in again too.

Long story short, this time we looked for a corp that does mainly PvP, is not too big, and speaks german as their main language. It didn’t take long to find Holy Cookie.

They are a great bunch, we felt at home pretty much right from the start. There’s always PvP to be had in Black Rise and Placid.

Roaming our turf in Heavy Assault Cruisers

The only (minor) gripe we have is that Cookie quit Faction Warfare a while ago, now just shooting pretty much everything that moves. Which makes us…pirates. We don’t really label ourselves pirates, but in everyone else’s eyes we most definitely are.

I started playing EVE in December 2005, and in my eyes pirates always were the bad guys. I lost my first fully loaded Mammoth hauler to a pilot from The Establishment, a pirate corp very effectively harassing mainly Providence and Catch at the time. I didn’t like that one bit, even when I realized that my own bad piloting had led to me being caught.

Anyway, now we’re pirates ourselves. And to be honest, it’s pretty great. We fight just for the sake of fighting, it’s always fast, always exciting. Not much “maintenance” is needed. Grab a ship, undock and fight. All in all quite the contrast to shooting POS shields for hours over the ownership of some R64 moon or other, or F1-monkeying away in the clash of big fleets in 10% time dilation.

And much to my surprise, more often than not our targets are also out for a fight. That we kill someone just ratting, mining or hauling is, believe it or not, relatively rare. Good times.


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