What I’m going to write about

I’m a gamer. Always have been.

My first memory about gaming is me bugging my mom to throw money into the Pole Position arcade at our local mall. That I constantly lost because I thought the gear making the higher pitched sound must be the faster one didn’t bother me really. I guess I was about 7 years old, if that.

Ah, the memories…

I grew older, and so did gaming. At age 9 I got my own Atari 2600, at age 14 a Commodore Amiga 500 (I skipped the C64, I could play that at friends’ places to my heart’s content). Game Boy, Sega Game Gear and SNES came somewhere in between.

In 1995 I regularly played my first PC games with some buddies on 286 and 386 machines at our local computer club. Doom was already around, and while the machines couldn’t handle it very well, we had a blast with local multiplayer.

What made me want my own PC badly though was the demo for a little game called Warcraft 2. I would play that at the club for hours, and at night dream about building sentry towers.

By 1995’s standards the graphics were incredibly detailed, I kid you not.

Fast forward to 2001. The Internet had become a thing, I had my first job, and I read something about a game called Ultima Online. It had a monthly subscription, but the box price was low and included the first month, so I tried it out.

It was, at the time, what I had always dreamt about. A game world that existed at all times, with or without me contributing, but if I chose to contribute I could leave a mark on that world, as could others. And I felt free of any constraints put in place by the game’s designers. It felt as if I could do whatever I wanted to. I loved it.

Since then I have played quite a lot of MMORPGs (which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game by the way). Some of them I liked more than others, in some I felt truly at home for a while (sometimes for years). In each and every one of them I had adventures, experiences and memorable moments that I cherish, although they’re “just games”.

I will primarily write about those here. Current stuff, maybe sometimes old stuff too. At the moment my main game is EVE Online (as the site’s header image suggests), with a side dose of Final Fantasy XIV. My girlfriend plays both together with me, which is great. I also own a PS3 and PS4, but console games always have been more of a sideline activity.

I might also write about other topics that interest me, like music, movies, TV shows, travelling, American Football, maybe even about food.

Disclaimer: English isn’t my native language, so there might be mistakes. If some meaning is completely lost due to that, feel free to point it out to me. I won’t take offense. 🙂

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