So…yet another gaming-blog?

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: every now and then you do or experience stuff that fascinates, thrills, delights you enough to make you remember it and actively think about it for quite some time, and you keep thinking “man, I should write this down, if only to still be able to remember it many years from now”.

Yet you never do it. Your memories are good enough, why write it down? And surely nobody else would be interested in reading your ramblings. Why would they be? And besides, you already have so much to do and so little time.

But the thought lingers. Sometimes even turns to sadness, because memories do fade. You’re disappointed with yourself for taking the lazy route instead of doing something, creating something.

So here I am, typing my very first blog post. I don’t know where this road will ultimately lead, but right now it feels really good taking the first steps.

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